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Okay. So this weekend has been SO relaxing. Thank the good Lord. Saturday I was able to lounge around the apartment with my boys. For most of the day. I attended a bridal shower of a good friend of mine - from High School. It was lovely. *smiles* She got loads of gifts! I am so happy for her! We played some games, the first, someone brought around a basket full of items you would find in your kitchen drawers and what not. You looked. She walked away, and we started writing trying to remember what was in there. I had 8 items on my list that I could remember. And guess what? I WON! Woo Hoo! I never win anything! LOL. I was so happy too - because I won handmade soap - from here. >>
{Orange Hibiscus - to be exact *winks*}
The next game we had to get in groups of 3. One person was the 'bride' and the others the 'dress designer'. They chose me to be the bride. So we used toilet paper and the mother of the groom and another cousin wrapped me up in T.P. Ha ha! Out of 4 groups of 3...guess what?
I WON AGAIN!!!! Woo Hoo!!!! Our table freaking rocks!!!!
So, this time our group won candles. I picked Whipped Cream & Cherry Cheesecake.
And as we left, we picked favors - they are sooo cute! They are reed/diffuser sets. I chose Warm Vanilla. Overall? Great shower! Everybody had a great time!

: Getting ready to wrap Ashley's gifts :

: The finished product. Not bad eh? :
..FYI: it was a food chopper and Paula Deen prep bowls..

: This little baby is soooooo cute. *smiles* :
:$1.50 each:
I am so excited for tomorrow! We have a babysitter and we are going to a nice dinner, shopping for some new dinnerware, because someone *coughs* the hubby *cough cough* broke a salad plate, dinner plate, and one of my beverage glasses. *sigh* Oh well, I am in need of a new set anyway. lol. I might just buy myself some new beads for my charm bracelet, and take a look at a dress that I have had my eyes on for Ashley's wedding coming up in March.
I will get a little 'spring' cardigan to go with it - since it will still be chilly.
Hope you ALL have a blessed Valentine's Day tomorrow! I know me and my little guys are going to be baking up some lovely heart shaped cookies with some icing and sprinkels. *smiles*

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