Date Night

: Valentine's Day 2011 :

We here at the Stanley home had a great Valentine's Day. Even though, my babies had colds we still managed to have a good time. My almost 4 year old and I baked cookies. Well - mommy made them and iced them - and he devoured them. lol. I really like how they turned out. I have never tried 'gourmet' type sugar cookies. I really like them. My favorite ones were the circles with hearts in the center and cupcake gems. *winks*
The boys and I lounged around alot yesterday, baked cookies, and watched cartoons. We just weren't feeling that great. E.J. is teething like mad folks. Uggh. I don't like to complain though. I feel very blessed. *smiles* He pretty much screams all day though. Lately that is. Nights? Up every 1-2 hours. Fussy. As. Ever. This momma needs some serious zzz's. I am so tired. *yawn*
I was so ready for our 'date night' last night. Believe me. Mamaw and Papaw offered to watch the boys while the hubby and I had a lovely (take our time) dinner. *smiles* We went to my favorite restaurant. (well. it is his too, thank goodness. ha ha.) The Olive Garden. I had the Pear and Gorgonzola Ravioli with Shrimp. *to die for* >> http://www.olivegarden.com/default_f.asp Yum! I had a peach bellini iced tea, and for dessert. Wait for it. .... .... Black Tie Mousse Cake. Need I say more? lol. >> http://www.olivegarden.com/images/menus/dessert/full/black_tie_mousse_3809.jpg
Then we went to our local mall and scoured the place for some LuLu beads. I love LuLu beads. They are cheap. Just like me. (at times. lol.) My hubby bought me a wonderful gift - I collect Willow Tree figurines. And they just came out with a new one, called The Quilt. I love it. Check it out here. >> http://www.willow-tree-angel.com/images/T/26250.jpg
I bought a dress for my friends wedding coming up in March. I love it! Check it out here. >> http://www.ae.com/web/browse/product.jsp?catId=cat1320034&productId=1396_9468
I am SO ready for spring. Just sayin. lol.
Then, I surprised my hubby by taking us to our local park, by the river. We listened to a cd that he made for me back in our 'dating days'. lol. Barry White's Greatest Hits. And then I opened a bag full of old momentos from when we first met and started dating. *smiles* He loved that. I gave him a card, and then the one our oldest munchkin made him. *tears up* He loved it all.
Then we came home - put the kiddos to bed - and fell asleep. Too tired for anything else. We both said "Wow. We really are getting old!!" LOL.
How did you celebrate your special day?

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