Father Of The Bride House

Okay. Seriously. Who wouldn't love to live in this home?

Well, guess what? It is actually for sale! lol. It is located somewhere in CA. going for over 1 MILLION dollars! It is the famous home that was featured in "Father of the Bride" and "Guess Who". I absolutely love this house! It is one of my favorite movies too.

I would love to have the kitchen in this house...with that beautiful vintage fan!

So I am at work today - feeling super blessed to have a wonderful job and a great family. *smiles* We have been super busy decorating our house for Christmas and trimming our tree. We have our stockings hung by the chimney with care. *winks* R.A. is getting so excited! He is waiting for Santa to bring him some new Lego's. Ha Ha. E.J. has a little cold right now. I am hoping he will be better by Christmas.

This year I just feel SUPER blessed. After everything that happened with me and my husband back in the late spring / early summer. I am so glad that is all behind us now. Looking forward to an amazing, inspirational, blessed 2012!

What are your plans for Christmas? Going out of town? Over seas? Military men coming home?

Any good recipes you are planning to work up for Christmas dinner?

BTW: Does anyone out there have a good Pork Loin recipe? For Christmas dinner? Maybe something with cranberries or pomengranates? Please and thank you! *smiles*


Past & Present

(Me and my hunny at our office party -The Olive Garden)
Sorry for the lack of updates folks. Busy busy around here, I'm afraid.

(Our Thanksgiving Table Spread)

Halloween - E.J. was a cow! How adorable! *smiles*

R.A. was a sweet little puppy!!

I will try to update more often - I went back to work, so I don't have as much time as I used to. lol. I will be working half days starting in January though, so that will make it a little easier. *winks* Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you all have a great holiday!


Been A While!

Wow. It sure has been a while! In the past month we have purchased a home! It has been crazy busy around here. I will update soon. For sure. I also started working again! Crazy, huh?!?! lol. Sorry for the lack of updates. Will update soon. I hope. :)


E.J. turns 1!

This past week our little E.J. turned 1 year old! It was a bittersweet day.

We are still in the process of moving.

There are boxes everywhere! I am so happy to move in though and get settled.

I will most definitely be posting pictures of everything once I have decorated.


I'm feeling pretty good lately.




We are so happy to start the next chapter of our lives together as a family.

The Lord brings many blessings - this was definitely one of my favorites.




We should be moved in before the end of October! We are so excited. I will post pictures tomorrow evening. *smiles* Could I be more excited? I think not. Not remotely possible.

(btw: this photo is from google.com it is not the house we purchased. lol.)


Fall is here!

Hello fellow bloggers! Sorry my posts are so far and few between. *frowns* I have been one super-busy Momma these past couple of months. Can you believe Fall is here? Already?! Wow. The summer flew by, for sure. R.A. turned 4 in July and we were going to put him in pre-k 4 but decided last minute to keep him home another year. *smiles* Kids need time to be kids. Ya know?

We have been very crafty the past few days around here. (I will post pictures soon. *winks*) I am so happy Fall is here! It is my favorite season of all! I have my Yankee Candle tart warmers runnin' full steam, baking pies, canning salsa, chili, jams, juices, and more! Gosh I love Fall! Have I mentioned that already? lol. I decorated/stenciled some pumpkins today. For the first time, I tried something new. And guess what? I loved it! (Will post pictures of those as well. *winks*)

R.A. and I made some stencil leaves on paper with colored pencils, a pine cone bird feeder, window shapes, and more! Already! And it isn't even October. *happy sigh* Also...did I mention...WE ARE IN THE PROCESS OF BUYING A HOUSE! We have been looking for the past couple of months...and well, we really like this one. *smiles* It is in the country and it is beautiful! It has soooo much room for our family of four. We need way more space than this 2 bedroom apartment is giving us. Don't get me wrong, I am very thankful to the good Lord above, that He has given us a roof over our head, food on our table, cars to drive, and clothes on all of our backs. It would just be nice to have a place for our boys to play. And room to 'roam'. Everything happens in HIS timing though. I need to keep reminding myself of that.

And...I started a new book series a month or two ago. It is by Maggie Stiefvater. I love her! First book, "Shiver". Second book, "Linger". Third book, "Forever". Amazing books! You must read them. Go on. Do it. Read it. Now! lol. Seriously though, very good books! If you like "Twilight", you will LOVE these books!

Okay...so I've rambled on enough. Will update soon. Well - I'll try atleast *winks*


Twilight Birthday Party

{My Birthday Cake}

Long time no blog! Wow! Sorry for the lack of updates. Alot has happened in my life lately. I am learning to spend more time with my family. My husband is back in my life and we couldn't be better - thanks to all of the prayers from our family, friends, and church family. (and fellow bloggers - you know who you are. *winks*) We have hosted my 24th birthday party at our apartment, went to a Kansas concert, and visited our local County Fair. *smiles*

We have been plenty busy, that's for sure. In the mean time I am dealing with a health problem. Doctors think it is Lupus. I see a Rheumatologist later this month. Prayers would be appreciated. But I am feeling great today - and that is what I am focusing on now.

We are in the process of buying a house as well. It is beautiful and it is perfect for us. We meet with the people at the bank in a week or so. It is really just up to them, because my husband knows the lady that is selling the house, and she is offering it to us for 30 k LESS than what it is on the market for. So it is up to the bank to decide if we are 'allowed' to have the house. But I know that everything works together for good, for those who believe in the Lord. And I do. I know that it is in HIS timing. Not mine. So I am praying that He has His will and way. He knows we love the house - but we know that it will happen only if God thinks we are ready. :)

So anyway - I had my Twilight party! Yay! It was amazing! I will post Part II another day with more pictures of amazing party favors and decor! You won't want to miss it!!!

Hope everyone had a great summer! I know for me and our little family, we are READY for FALL! *smiles*


Little of This and That

So - yeah - I got my hair cut a few weeks ago. I like it. *smiles*

It has been extremely hot around here. Obviously. However, this week it has been abnormally cool. Hmm. I like it. *winks*

I took R.A. to our local Coke Museum and Fountain Shop. He loved his 'my size' cherry coke.

E.J. brushing his teeth for the first time. *tear* He has 6 teeth now! Crazy stuff!

So, unfortunately I got a cold last Saturday...and I have been pampering myself with tissues, lotion, chicken noodles soup, blankets, and hot green tea with honey and fresh lemon. *smiles* yum!

I am honestly glad summer is coming to an end. Today, I took a deep breath...that smell...and the look of the sky, and the way the grass and trees looked...you can just tell Fall is just around the corner. *smiles* I am so excited for pumpkins, leaves, mums, and hot apple cider! Whoot!


Twilight-themed Birthday Party

Okay. So this is NOT my actual birthday cake. I found this picture online, searching google.com for anything regarding "Twilight". I am throwing myself a 24th birthday party this month in celebration of...LIFE. For once I am actually 'celebrating' my own life. Not just going to lunch on my birthday, but having a 'real' party. It is just going to be my best friend and my husband, and his best friend.

I posted this picture because...I sent this picture to my local cakery lady (Megan Craig) and she is already on it! She is the same lady who did my sons 4th birthday party 'camping' cake. She is amazing! I can't wait to see what it looks like when she is done! *squee*

My best friend and I are going ALL out for this party. See...we found that the LESS attendees, the better prizes, goodie bags, etc you can have. *wink* Trust me, even this 'little' party cost an arm and a leg. lol. But, hey, it is totally worth it. I can honestly say...lately...I feel that I deserve some 'me' time with my besties. :)

We are having a menu, full of 'Bella' inspired foods...goodie bags that offer an item attached to each main character from the books/movies, we will play the dvd scene it game, board games, word searches, etc...and of course...watch ALL the movies and listen to the soundtrack's. I am making red punch with labels for everything...*sigh* it will be spectacular!

I will post pictures afterwards, of course!

Summer is coming to an end...and I am so excited! Fall is my most favorite season of all!


Mr. Shades

So - my little E.J. is almost 10 months old.

Doesn't he just look adorable in Daddy's shades?

How is everyone's summer?

(sorry for the lack of updates - we have been super busy with the boys this summer. loads going on. I hope to update more toward fall. when preschool starts. lol.)


The Best of July

So. Me and my besties went to see the midnight showing of "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part II". Let me just say this: "It was AMAZING!". As I thought it would be. *winks*

We celebrated Roy's 4th birthday this past weekend! I can't believe my little boy is growing up so fast! When did that happen? lol. We had a lovely time. :)

I love my new favorite person - my 'cake lady'. *giggles* Her name is Megan Craig. She is local. She moved here from San Francisco. (not sure how to spell it. lol.) Everyone agreed, they had never tasted a better cake! So, well done Megan! ;)

Hope everyone is having a lovely SUMMER!


Cabin Weekend Retreat

So, this 4th of July, we rented a cabin with a few friends for 3 nights and 4 days.

It was....


E.J. enjoying his 4th 'get-up'. *smiles*

We all had a terrific time!

We visited Smoke Hole Caverns.

And finished the last night off with some pretty awesome fireworks!

We loved the sparklers!


(more pictures to come - in another post - stay tuned for Part II.)


Happy Father's Day (belated) Post

Daddy opening his card from R.A. & Edward. *smiles*

R.A. giving Daddy his gift to open up.

He got him a Willow Tree figurine for his 'Man Cave' or Office. *hee hee*

I got him a "Marriage Prayer" plaque from the Christian Bookstore.

Aren't these darling? These are the inviations that we sent out for R.A.'s 4th birthday party!

Hope you all are having a great week!

Happy Monday!


Walt Disney World Vacation: Part III

Epcot was a BLAST!

MMM...Lobster frittata - poached eggs, asparagus...need I say more?

The lovely carriage at the Grand Floridian - used for weddings.

R.A.'s Mickey Pancake with Mickey sprinkles!! Loved this!!

*sigh* What a beautiful sight! *smiles*


Walt Disney World Vacation: Part II

We visited Planet Hollywood in Downtown Disney - we loved it!

Ha! R.A. was so scared of King Louis - E.J. loved him, and Louis blew lots of kisses to him.

This was by far the weirdest thing we saw at Disney. Hands down. Pretty cool, huh?
(in case you can't tell, this is a woman, her face painted green...she would hide out by the bushes, then walk over and scare the living snot out of everyone! lol.)

R.A. loved the fishies!

R. and I loved the Animal Kingdom! Aside from me gashing my thumb open, and having to be sent to First Aid center in the theme park. Yeah, aside from THAT it was great! lol.

(no stitches needed thank the Lord, but it hurt so BAD!)

More pictures to come soon, with even MORE views from The Grand Floridian Resort and Spa and Walt Disney World. *smiles*


Walt Disney World Vacation Part I

It's official. Walt Disney World Resort was AMAZING!

You haven't truly experienced it...until you have stayed INSIDE the parks. Just sayin'.

Cinderella signing R.A.'s autograph book. *smiles*

Me and E.J. - poolside.

Caught a quick glimpse with the camera of this beautiful bird...before loading up on the boat to Magic Kingdom park.

Isn't the castle just breathtaking? *smiles*

More pictures to come. So many, so little time to upload. lol.

And by the way - the circumstance that has been killing me for 3 solid months - has come to a conclusion. A decision was made - all was put out on the table. And the Lord truly answered my prayers...in more ways than one. Continued prayers would certainly be appreciated, however, changes have already taken place and life has been pretty good...vacation was amazing...and now more than ever...I feel loved like never before. *squees*


Disney World, Here We Come!

Tomorrow is our BIG day!

We leave for Walt Disney World - we will be staying at this lovely hotel, The Grand Floridian Resort and Spa. I am so ecstatic! We will be there for about a week - I hope to have a great time - get some much needed 'rest' (sleeping in) and relaxation. Considering the circumstances going on in my life right now, this is just what I need. I pray that God will help me to be strong and to enjoy my time there. I will take many many pictures - and I will post them when I get back and settled. *smiles*

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


Strawberry Jam

There is nothing like homemade jam. This past week my mom and I bought some strawberries at our local farm, and I made jam. For the first time. Well, I had made freezer jam before, but this was the 'real' stuff. lol.

I rinsed the berries, cut off the tops, mashed them with a potatoe masher, added the pectin and started boiling...then added the sugar...then poured into the jars. Canned them. And VOILA. *smiles* I love my jam.

Aren't they pretty?

Mmm...I enjoyed a nice glass of white wine from the vineyard we visited last weekend...alongside our extra box of fresh berries. *smiles*

How was your weekend everyone?

Just so you know - today's message at church was amazing. It was the first time I have been back since the seperation. That is 2 months folks. I needed me some praise and worship. I had never felt so moved. I was in tears most of the message. It was June..."Month of the Man". I learned alot. God truly spoke to me. I needed to have a good 2 hour talk with God today...while at the park. I had to make apologies to people in my life. Especially to one person in particular. That has hurt me alot...but I hadn't realized till this past couple of days...and then today...that I had hurt this person too. In many ways more than one. Wow. How could I have been so blind?

It was a good day. God is changing me. In a good way, for sure. *smiles*