Dark Chocolate Fudge

: Dark Chocolate Fudge :
This recipe took me around 40 minutes from start to finish.
I chose to do the cupcake version.
It was delicious.
Added some cupcake gems to add a touch of class.

: Crayola kind of day :
My 3 1/2 year old insisted on coloring with his new 'paint markers' and colored pencils. So, I pulled out the paint pad, paints, and crayons. He had a blast. As usual. *smiles*
I love spending my days with these boys.
{E.J. not shown.}
Daddy took R.A. out to ride his little Radio Flyer tricycle today. I loved it! He has been wanting to ride it for months now...he hadn't been on it since September! lol.
How was everyone's Saturday?

: okay - so I am sure you have noticed the complete blog make-over on here. Unless you have been living under a rock - - - OR - - - you just never look at my blog. Ha. It took me a little over an hour...but I think I really like it. I am farely new to this whole 'blog' thing...so I feel pretty proud of myself right now. lol. What do you guys think? :


  1. Those cupcakes look amaaaaazing! I am a chocaholic. ;) I noticed your makeover. Good job! :)

    Thanks for joining my Weekend Bloggy Reading party. :)

  2. Thanks! They ARE amazing! lol. Me too - I love DARK chocolate. Yum! Thank you - I like it too. ;)

    No problem! :)

  3. Oh this looks sooo good! Yummmy my mouth is watering just from the pictures. =)

  4. Ha ha! They were pretty good! ;)