Little of This and That

So - yeah - I got my hair cut a few weeks ago. I like it. *smiles*

It has been extremely hot around here. Obviously. However, this week it has been abnormally cool. Hmm. I like it. *winks*

I took R.A. to our local Coke Museum and Fountain Shop. He loved his 'my size' cherry coke.

E.J. brushing his teeth for the first time. *tear* He has 6 teeth now! Crazy stuff!

So, unfortunately I got a cold last Saturday...and I have been pampering myself with tissues, lotion, chicken noodles soup, blankets, and hot green tea with honey and fresh lemon. *smiles* yum!

I am honestly glad summer is coming to an end. Today, I took a deep breath...that smell...and the look of the sky, and the way the grass and trees looked...you can just tell Fall is just around the corner. *smiles* I am so excited for pumpkins, leaves, mums, and hot apple cider! Whoot!


Twilight-themed Birthday Party

Okay. So this is NOT my actual birthday cake. I found this picture online, searching google.com for anything regarding "Twilight". I am throwing myself a 24th birthday party this month in celebration of...LIFE. For once I am actually 'celebrating' my own life. Not just going to lunch on my birthday, but having a 'real' party. It is just going to be my best friend and my husband, and his best friend.

I posted this picture because...I sent this picture to my local cakery lady (Megan Craig) and she is already on it! She is the same lady who did my sons 4th birthday party 'camping' cake. She is amazing! I can't wait to see what it looks like when she is done! *squee*

My best friend and I are going ALL out for this party. See...we found that the LESS attendees, the better prizes, goodie bags, etc you can have. *wink* Trust me, even this 'little' party cost an arm and a leg. lol. But, hey, it is totally worth it. I can honestly say...lately...I feel that I deserve some 'me' time with my besties. :)

We are having a menu, full of 'Bella' inspired foods...goodie bags that offer an item attached to each main character from the books/movies, we will play the dvd scene it game, board games, word searches, etc...and of course...watch ALL the movies and listen to the soundtrack's. I am making red punch with labels for everything...*sigh* it will be spectacular!

I will post pictures afterwards, of course!

Summer is coming to an end...and I am so excited! Fall is my most favorite season of all!