A Saturday Drive

Yesterday our little family went to visit our Uncle and Aunt up north. It was only a 1 1/2 hour drive. But it got me out of this cooked up little apartment for a day. For that, I was extremely greatful. Hubby drove up and I drove back. I say his job was easier because he drove up at noon, and I was driving back at midnight. Literally. I am absolutely exhausted. *yawn* That is why me and the boys aren't at church today. E.J. slept the whole trip back last night and slept while we were there too, so he was up and then he still got up at 5 a.m. What in this world?!?!?
We drove up Rt. 7 as usual. It was cool, but not chilly. The drive was so good for my soul yesterday. I gazed out the window to see birds flying high in the sky, the river swiftly flowing - pushing all of the flood debris down south from Pittsburgh. The trees look so dainty and frail due to the extreme cold and snow we have had. The sun glared through our windows and it felt so warm and comforting. We stopped at Ables Cheese. It is a "must" for any traveller on Rt. 7, going North. I love this little place. *smiles*

Our Aunt told my hubby, "Don't bring anything up - we have plenty of food for tonight!". My husband informs me of this after I make this puppy up. lol.
{everyone loved it. I was so pleased.}

  1. R and I drinking our Coke's out of the traditional glass bottles. *love*
  2. Our Amish green onion and creamy baby swiss cheese.
  3. R.A. enjoying his .15 cent caramel apple lollipop.
We had a great time. We also purchased their famous Trail Bologna that I love love love ever so much. But - even though I did take a picture of it, it just didn't look right. lol. It tastes really good though! I would definitely reccomend it! The crackers, cheese, Amish Jerky, pumpkin seeds, and coke...all make for a great ride to Auntie's house. *smiles*
We had a great time at Aunt J's and Uncle B's. R.A. had a blast observing pretty much everything at their house. lol. He played with puzzles, magnetic magic games, rode on the 4-wheeler with Uncle B (which was his favorite part of the evening. lol.), and enjoyed some great homemade food! I hope you all had a great weekend as well.
What is on your agenda for today?
Mine is to rest. Considering Jesus Christ the Lord our God even rested on Sunday...and that He commands us to do the same...I'm totally taking Him up on that one and doing it properly. I am not doing a thing today. *smiles* Gonna enjoy some more of that leftover food though AND watch the race today. I think there is one on today?? lol.


  1. That pull apart pizza looks divine! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and for your sweet comment! I hope you have a Marvelous Monday!

    Liesl :)

  2. Thank you - it is a Pampered Chef recipe. ;) Happy Monday to you too!