Thirty-One Gears Up For Fall

I am so excited for Fall. Pumpkins, Pumpkin Pie, Leaves, Crisp Air, Campfires, Sweat Shirts, and more. It is just a wonderful time of the year. My favorite. *smiles* I'm also excited about my Thirty-One business. I have never been happier 'working' in my entire life. I have been blessed with a good friend that introduced me to this company back in 2011. In March, I hosted my first party for her. June 1st of this year, I became a consultant. I am so happy with my decision. I am able to stay at home. Take my son to school. Come home and spend time with my youngest. And best of all - still have fun doing something that makes financial sense. I love the new catalog for Fall and Winter. *smiles* This was my Add-On Kit and I am absolutely in love with it. 

Looking forward to a fabulous Fall! My calendar is already booked for October!


Mommies Group

Today was my very first Mommies Group. I created it. I am also the leader of the group. I named it "Little Blessings". Today we had fun and enjoyed fellowship together as friends. Our devotional today was based around Proverbs 31. The story of the Virtuous Woman. I love that passage of scripture! We also had a drawing for a prize, word search for the Mommies, Animal Crackers and Yoo-Hoo for the kiddies, and we made a lovely "Back to School" craft. I enjoyed the day very much. I look forward to our next group. 

Apple Paper Plate Craft

{I used a store brand paper plate, a pipe cleaner, construction paper, wiggle eyes, finger paint, and a crayon for this craft.}

Super easy and SO fun for the kiddies!


Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall!

Wow. I really don't post very often do I? Well, it needs to happen more often. I need more things for 'me'. I believe I will try my hardest to update this blog more often. At least on a weekly basis. *smiles at the thought* Going through a lot of trials right now. I know God never gives us anything we cannot handle. He gives us strength to get through each and every day. I am thankful for His mercy and grace. 

Just a few things we've been up to this Summer...

Cupcakes for my 25th Birthday Party

A lovely night with friends on the patio

Me and my best-est best friend

Me and my honey celebrating my birthday at the movies

~Fall is just around the corner.~