Yeah, so I know that I haven't posted since November. Wowza! Sorry guys. Anyway, I've been pretty busy with family and business lately. The Lord has truly blessed our little family over the past few months. I am very grateful. :) 

This is a picture of my hubby and I at Wisp Ski resort. We went on a little holiday over New Years. My first time. Let's just say...next time I'll be on the bunny slope and taking lessons. I wanted to take a class - but our friends said, "You'll do great!" and the next thing I knew, I was on a lift all the way to the top. Yeah. I'm lucky to be alive. LOL. 

Hope all of you had a lovely holiday season! I know I did and I am ready for much warmer weather! Ready to open up these windows and let the warm Spring air inside! :)

Blessings ~ Melinda