Junk to Treasure

: I got this end table for FREE from my mom :

So this is what I have been working on today. I love it! My mom gave me this, and she got it at a yard sale for like $2 or something. I liked it...but I really wanted it to be white. I had a vision and went with it. I am really pleased with how it turned out. *smiles*

: R.A. & E.J. :

R.A. has been coloring up a storm this week. That is, until he colored all over my upstairs hallway walls ..... now he is not allowed to color until next week. Period. However, before he got into trouble, he was putting his pirate and jungle stickers all over his papers, coloring, and having a blast. *smiles* We visited mamaw and papaw's a few days ago - we painted rocks that we picked up along the way on a wagon ride, and then we glued eyes on them. (will update pics of those later. *winks*) E.J. has been teething. Still. What's new. lol. He is in love with his RazBaby teether. Three things I can't live without right now .... for E.J. :
[via bing.com]

{1.} Baby Orajel Naturals - it sooths his gums and calms him down instantly.
{2.} Little Remedies : Little Fevers - this lowers his fever & calms him down within 30 minutes.
{3.} RazBaby Teether (sold at Diapers.com) - this is the ONLY teether he likes.
Yeah. So these are the reasons why I love the items shown above.
Hope everyone has a great Tuesday!


  1. oh I love white things too! They brighten up the whole house! We had brown cabinets and painted them white! AND... your little ones are precious... and I agree... the best things in life are FREE

  2. Aren't they just wonderful? I love white! Aww, and thank you! They are the love of my life. ;) Yes, the best things are. They are. They are. :)