My Something Blue

: Tiffany & Co. :
Have you ever just wanted something for the heck of it? Yeah...me too. I don't need this by any means. And I'm pretty sure I will never have one like this...if I ever do I will be surprised. lol. But I like to 'browse' none the less. Ha. This is my 'dream' ring from Tiffany & Co. I think it is absolutely stunning. *smiles*
Has anything ever caught your eye?
Something you know you will probably never have, but love anyway? lol.
What is your 'dream' item?
{hope this post doesn't make me sound all 'materialistic'. Believe me...I'm not. Been there done that. Stuff does NOT make one happy. I just think it is nice every once in a while to 'dream big'! Ha.}

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