Oscars 2011 - best dressed

Ok. In my opinion the best dressed for the entire evening (female) award goes to:

{I know - short post. I am lazy today. lol.}


A Saturday Drive

Yesterday our little family went to visit our Uncle and Aunt up north. It was only a 1 1/2 hour drive. But it got me out of this cooked up little apartment for a day. For that, I was extremely greatful. Hubby drove up and I drove back. I say his job was easier because he drove up at noon, and I was driving back at midnight. Literally. I am absolutely exhausted. *yawn* That is why me and the boys aren't at church today. E.J. slept the whole trip back last night and slept while we were there too, so he was up and then he still got up at 5 a.m. What in this world?!?!?
We drove up Rt. 7 as usual. It was cool, but not chilly. The drive was so good for my soul yesterday. I gazed out the window to see birds flying high in the sky, the river swiftly flowing - pushing all of the flood debris down south from Pittsburgh. The trees look so dainty and frail due to the extreme cold and snow we have had. The sun glared through our windows and it felt so warm and comforting. We stopped at Ables Cheese. It is a "must" for any traveller on Rt. 7, going North. I love this little place. *smiles*

Our Aunt told my hubby, "Don't bring anything up - we have plenty of food for tonight!". My husband informs me of this after I make this puppy up. lol.
{everyone loved it. I was so pleased.}

  1. R and I drinking our Coke's out of the traditional glass bottles. *love*
  2. Our Amish green onion and creamy baby swiss cheese.
  3. R.A. enjoying his .15 cent caramel apple lollipop.
We had a great time. We also purchased their famous Trail Bologna that I love love love ever so much. But - even though I did take a picture of it, it just didn't look right. lol. It tastes really good though! I would definitely reccomend it! The crackers, cheese, Amish Jerky, pumpkin seeds, and coke...all make for a great ride to Auntie's house. *smiles*
We had a great time at Aunt J's and Uncle B's. R.A. had a blast observing pretty much everything at their house. lol. He played with puzzles, magnetic magic games, rode on the 4-wheeler with Uncle B (which was his favorite part of the evening. lol.), and enjoyed some great homemade food! I hope you all had a great weekend as well.
What is on your agenda for today?
Mine is to rest. Considering Jesus Christ the Lord our God even rested on Sunday...and that He commands us to do the same...I'm totally taking Him up on that one and doing it properly. I am not doing a thing today. *smiles* Gonna enjoy some more of that leftover food though AND watch the race today. I think there is one on today?? lol.



: our Irish Bodhran drum :
{supplies: brown paper sack, quilters hoop, colored pencils, and ribbon}

: dinner tonight was breakfast :
{eggs, cheese, apricot, and bacon}

: My grandmothers old picture frame went from dingy to fab after some white paint. :

: Added a black ribbon with a hot glue gun and a piece from an old headband for elegance. :

: The new fries from Wendy's are amazing! :

: my boys :

: Chocolate Chip & Pecan cookies with ice cold milk. :
Just some things we have been into today. *smiles*


Teenage Renesmee

*spoiler ALERT*
: If you haven't read "Breaking Dawn" DO NOT read below. Consider yourself warned. :
{via bing}

So. Christie Burke has been rumored to play Renesmee Cullen in Twilight's "Breaking Dawn: Part II". My opinion? She looks amazing. And I can totally see her cuddling up next to Jacob. *swoons* Eh. What do I know...I am a Team Edward fan all the way. However, Jacob is a great person and loves Bella and Renesmee deeply. He just happens to love Renesmee in a different way. Obviously. lol. I cannot wait to see what Edward and Bella's cottage will look like when it is completed. {you can view the production progress @ http://www.breakingdawnmovie.org/ . I am pretty excited! Oh to see Rosalie and the way she acts all "Mother Hen" to Renesmee and literally treats Jacob like a dog. {No pun intended.} "Fido" on the cereal bowl. Ha! Oh my goodness! That is hilarious!


I plan on having a Twilight theme birthday party this year. Because I can. I know I will be 24 and some people think that adults having B-day parties are stupid. But I don't care. I want a reason to invite my friends over (mostly girls. lol.), eat pizza, Twilight designed cake, Team Edward and Team Jacob cupcakes, watch the movies, listen to the soundtracks, and just talk about the films and books in general. *smiles* Oh what fun!


Back to the subject. Seriously though - I am excited to see how they are going to pull off "Breaking Dawn: Part I" & "Part II". Like - the birth scene. And the vampire clans...oh my goodness! I can't wait! Ah! Okay. That's enough for today. *squees in chair*

Is there any special movie you are waiting for to come out this year?


Moment of Panic

: photo via bing :
Okay. Have any of you ever had one of those, "OMG" moments? The ones where you think you lost something. No - wait. You know you lost something?
I have been sick for the past week or so. Yesterday I woke up at 4 a.m. and played around on my iPod for a bit to try and get tired so I could fall back to sleep. I was on there for around 34 minutes. I felt sleepy. So I put the iPod down on my nightstand. It is right beside my bed. Around 8 a.m. by boys woke up. I walked into the nursery to change E.J. While I was doing so, R.A. was in mommy and daddy's room. (God only knows what a 3 1/2 year old can do in like 35 seconds. uggh.)
I come in and don't notice anything different. At first. So, I pop in a vhs tape of "Blues Clues" and go fix up some breakfast. But wait. I think I will plug in my iPod first. Okayyyy.... where did it go? I look on the nightstand to find an empty space. My glasses are there. My basket of bottles, formula, and bottled water are there. My contact case. My hair barettes. Everything BUT my iPod. So, I immediately look under the bed, thinking it fell of the table. I look around the surrounding areas. Nothing. Nada. Zip. *sigh* I forget about it. I have just misplaced it. (even though I never touched the darn thing since 4:30 a.m. lol.)
So I fix breakfast, change diapers, clean up toys, blog, and what not. Sort of forgetting about my 'missing' iPod. Then I realize I still had some music I wanted to pop on my iPod. So, I get ready to Sync it up...and there is no iPod. (weird how I keep 'forgetting' that I have misplaced the stupid thing. lol.) At this point I am like..."Okay, I know without a doubt I had it there at 4:30 a.m. and it was there when I woke up...so R.A. must have snatched it."
I ask R.A., "Did you hide mommy's iPod?"
"Where did you hide it?"
"Under your bed."
....looks under bed....nothing....nada....zippo....
"Where is it baby?"
"In my closet. In my toybox."
....looks in closet....in toybox....nothing....nada....zippo....
.....literally strip searches my whole 3 level apartment.....
get the picture?
So, when daddy comes home, he takes the trash out. I always sit it on our front stoop thinking I will take it out, but then I always forget. So he does it when he gets home. lol.
I tell him the whole story, wondering maybe if he would have a good idea where it might be...considering I have strip searched our home.
He says, "Did you check everywhere?" "Umm...yeah. You don't even have a clue." lol.
Did you check the trash?
He just took it out to the dumpster and it was packed. Like, 3 people dumped their trash AFTER he did. Uggh. He went out searched and found 2 bags that weren't ours before we found the one that was. Eww. That is all I will say. Eww.
We dive down into the bottom, all the way down...wayyyy down. At the very bottom, covered in the nasty leftover triple chocolate fudge brownies that I made the other day....was my iPod Touch. Seriously? And it was freezing cold.
I ask R.A., "Did you put mommy's iPod in the trash upstairs this morning?"
"Don't ever do that again."
"Okay. I'm sorry Mommy."
"It's okay sweetie. Just don't touch mommy's things like that. That wasn't nice."
I gave him a big hug, because I wasn't about to spank my child for something he did many hours ago. And for the fact that even though that meant so much to me, I wouldn't feel right about punishing him for something as silly as an iPod. It can be replaced. My son and his feelings cannot. I love him so much and even though he did that...he is 3 1/2. What can I expect? lol.
So...whatever you do....
Check your trash if you are missing something.....
Especially if you have kids. lol.


Junk to Treasure

: I got this end table for FREE from my mom :

So this is what I have been working on today. I love it! My mom gave me this, and she got it at a yard sale for like $2 or something. I liked it...but I really wanted it to be white. I had a vision and went with it. I am really pleased with how it turned out. *smiles*

: R.A. & E.J. :

R.A. has been coloring up a storm this week. That is, until he colored all over my upstairs hallway walls ..... now he is not allowed to color until next week. Period. However, before he got into trouble, he was putting his pirate and jungle stickers all over his papers, coloring, and having a blast. *smiles* We visited mamaw and papaw's a few days ago - we painted rocks that we picked up along the way on a wagon ride, and then we glued eyes on them. (will update pics of those later. *winks*) E.J. has been teething. Still. What's new. lol. He is in love with his RazBaby teether. Three things I can't live without right now .... for E.J. :
[via bing.com]

{1.} Baby Orajel Naturals - it sooths his gums and calms him down instantly.
{2.} Little Remedies : Little Fevers - this lowers his fever & calms him down within 30 minutes.
{3.} RazBaby Teether (sold at Diapers.com) - this is the ONLY teether he likes.
Yeah. So these are the reasons why I love the items shown above.
Hope everyone has a great Tuesday!


My Something Blue

: Tiffany & Co. :
Have you ever just wanted something for the heck of it? Yeah...me too. I don't need this by any means. And I'm pretty sure I will never have one like this...if I ever do I will be surprised. lol. But I like to 'browse' none the less. Ha. This is my 'dream' ring from Tiffany & Co. I think it is absolutely stunning. *smiles*
Has anything ever caught your eye?
Something you know you will probably never have, but love anyway? lol.
What is your 'dream' item?
{hope this post doesn't make me sound all 'materialistic'. Believe me...I'm not. Been there done that. Stuff does NOT make one happy. I just think it is nice every once in a while to 'dream big'! Ha.}


Bundle Up

: Okay. So I am loving this set from American Eagle Outfitters. *smiles* I bought these last week for $5 each! What a deal! Original price, $19.50 each! Can I get an 'Oh Yeah!'? Oh yeah! lol. Anyway, I have been wearing these babies around since I purchased them. The 'boggin is absolutely perfect. Cute. Looks great. Feels great. Mittens are adorable and fit great too. :
Yeah - so today it was around 30 degrees. 30 degrees less than what it was on Thursday. Bummer. Big bummer. I am SO ready for Spring? Have I said that enough yet? lol.
We didn't go to services today. Well, the boys and I didn't. I felt bad. I was supposed to be on Nursery Duty for 2nd service. I was up every hour with E.J. due to his teething and congestion. R.A. still has his face rash and this momma didn't feel so hot either. *frowns* I feel that a friend was upset by me not being there, but I talked to her about it - and I hope that she feels better now that she knows the situation. I do hate missing services and my duty day. But as a mother I know that taking care of my children come first and foremost as opposed to nursery duty. My hubby would have watched them no problem - but he is on our First Impression Team (greeter). And he takes that position very seriously. As would I if I was on it. I understand that when you are a new member, or just a first time guest to a church - the greeters mean EVERYTHING. In a way, that can honestly make a huge impact on whether someone comes back or not. That is HUGE.
Anyway - we still had 'church' at home. I read the rest of Exodus (I have been working on reading straight through for the first time. Ever.). And R.A. looked through his little Bible story book and I read him the story of Adam and Eve, and a couple other select stories. We had a good day though, even though we didn't feel well.
I feel worse tonight. My stomach is upset and I am dead tired. Hope I don't get real sick.
So - how was your Sunday?


Dark Chocolate Fudge

: Dark Chocolate Fudge :
This recipe took me around 40 minutes from start to finish.
I chose to do the cupcake version.
It was delicious.
Added some cupcake gems to add a touch of class.

: Crayola kind of day :
My 3 1/2 year old insisted on coloring with his new 'paint markers' and colored pencils. So, I pulled out the paint pad, paints, and crayons. He had a blast. As usual. *smiles*
I love spending my days with these boys.
{E.J. not shown.}
Daddy took R.A. out to ride his little Radio Flyer tricycle today. I loved it! He has been wanting to ride it for months now...he hadn't been on it since September! lol.
How was everyone's Saturday?

: okay - so I am sure you have noticed the complete blog make-over on here. Unless you have been living under a rock - - - OR - - - you just never look at my blog. Ha. It took me a little over an hour...but I think I really like it. I am farely new to this whole 'blog' thing...so I feel pretty proud of myself right now. lol. What do you guys think? :



: Hello Friday :
Oh sweet Friday you have come and gone. Thank you Jesus for the weekend. It is amazing that even YOU, Lord, wanted us to rest on Sunday. I am thankful to have my Friday night, Saturday, and Sunday all to myself. And my family of course. *winks* Just to be able to stay up a little later, watch me some Reba and order some Papa Johns. Mmm. What a great time.
Today the boys and I invited mamaw and papaw to our apartment to do their laundry. Their washer broke out of nowhere. So, until they get a new one they are more than welcome to use ours. After all - I owe them lots more than a few loads of laundry. lol. They did a lot for me growing up. *winks* Then we went over to their house to take a walk up and down their street. We pulled out the red wagon for R.A. and popped E.J. in the stroller and a walkin' we went. *smiles* R.A. asked mamaw to pick up pretty much every 'big' rock he saw on the journey. Ha. So, by the time we got back to the house, we had 3 large rocks and a 'baby' rock.
We pulled everything in the garage, and went inside to eat some lunch. Then we painted the rocks we found on the way. We got an old tablecloth out, put in on the kitchen table and picked out some old brushes and acrylic paints. He loved it! Of course we took of R.A.'s shirt...cuz that was immediately becoming a mess. lol. He thoroughly enjoyed himself. {and so did mommy.) *smiles* Then I shop-vacuumed the car. Whew. It desperately needed it. Hadn't done it since September, before I had E.J. lol. It was 65 degrees today! So, I enjoyed being outside. While I did that, R.A. enjoyed playing with his sidewalk chalk on mamaw and papaw's driveway. He would pick up a leaf here and there...then for what reason I don't know...he tried to eat one. Yeah. An almost 4 year old wanting to eat a leaf. LOL. Don't worry. One second after that first bite, he realized it wasn't a good idea. Ha. He spit it out asap. Ha ha.
We played with baby brother, and took care of him during his fussy 2 hours of teething at mamaws...poor little guy. He really is having a hard time with it. Luckily, he fell asleep on the drive home. (which btw, is only 2 minutes away. ha.) He slept for over an hour. Then another hour later. He got to bed early tonight...around 7. So...hopefully he will still sleep tonight. *here's hoping*
What have you all been up to? Any weekend plans?

A Night at the Park

: R. A. with his leaf he found at the park. :

: loving this tree :

: mommy - daddy - R.A. :

: mommy & R.A. :

: I think this is a really cool looking tree. ha. :
**I will post some more pics later of E.J. at the park.**

As you can see - we went to the park last night. We had a great time! I...We...have all had cabin fever for weeks! Yesterday it got over 60 degrees here in OH! I was so excited! So, when daddy got home from the office, we headed out to the park. We loved every minute of it. *smiles*
Have any of you been able to venture out this week? Perhaps in warm weather?



: best friends :
This is me and my bestest best friend. Ever. lol. Today she and her two beautiful girls came over to have a play date with us. *smiles* We had a blast! We are both realizing that the terrifying 3's are worse than the terrible 2's. Ha. My goodness these children are wild! Ha ha! They feed off of each other with the craziness. lol. We enjoyed some McDonald's and played with our kiddos. Had some girl chit chat and took some lovely photos of us and some of our kiddos. Today has been a fabulous day. *winks* Another great thing about today? It is like literally above 60 degrees outside! I have had the windows open ALL day. *smiles* When hubby gets home from the office, we are headed to the park. {pictures to be posted tonight, for sure.}


down on the farm

: The Nursery :
{the before picture.}
: I plan on spray painting the dresser, 4-in-1 bed, and the changing table white. :
:: I will be doing this in the next couple of months. ::

: E. J's new farm play mat - he loves it. :

: R. A. at bath time. He is almost 4 - but he loves bath time. Well - he doesn't like water in his face - but he sure loves playing with the huge basket of rubber bath toys! :
Today we are lounging around. Momma got 9 hours of sleep last night! Woo hoo! That never happens. For the last week or two I have been up ever 1-2 hourse with my youngest at 4 months. He is teething something awful. *frowns* Poor little guy.
What are you all into today?


Date Night

: Valentine's Day 2011 :

We here at the Stanley home had a great Valentine's Day. Even though, my babies had colds we still managed to have a good time. My almost 4 year old and I baked cookies. Well - mommy made them and iced them - and he devoured them. lol. I really like how they turned out. I have never tried 'gourmet' type sugar cookies. I really like them. My favorite ones were the circles with hearts in the center and cupcake gems. *winks*
The boys and I lounged around alot yesterday, baked cookies, and watched cartoons. We just weren't feeling that great. E.J. is teething like mad folks. Uggh. I don't like to complain though. I feel very blessed. *smiles* He pretty much screams all day though. Lately that is. Nights? Up every 1-2 hours. Fussy. As. Ever. This momma needs some serious zzz's. I am so tired. *yawn*
I was so ready for our 'date night' last night. Believe me. Mamaw and Papaw offered to watch the boys while the hubby and I had a lovely (take our time) dinner. *smiles* We went to my favorite restaurant. (well. it is his too, thank goodness. ha ha.) The Olive Garden. I had the Pear and Gorgonzola Ravioli with Shrimp. *to die for* >> http://www.olivegarden.com/default_f.asp Yum! I had a peach bellini iced tea, and for dessert. Wait for it. .... .... Black Tie Mousse Cake. Need I say more? lol. >> http://www.olivegarden.com/images/menus/dessert/full/black_tie_mousse_3809.jpg
Then we went to our local mall and scoured the place for some LuLu beads. I love LuLu beads. They are cheap. Just like me. (at times. lol.) My hubby bought me a wonderful gift - I collect Willow Tree figurines. And they just came out with a new one, called The Quilt. I love it. Check it out here. >> http://www.willow-tree-angel.com/images/T/26250.jpg
I bought a dress for my friends wedding coming up in March. I love it! Check it out here. >> http://www.ae.com/web/browse/product.jsp?catId=cat1320034&productId=1396_9468
I am SO ready for spring. Just sayin. lol.
Then, I surprised my hubby by taking us to our local park, by the river. We listened to a cd that he made for me back in our 'dating days'. lol. Barry White's Greatest Hits. And then I opened a bag full of old momentos from when we first met and started dating. *smiles* He loved that. I gave him a card, and then the one our oldest munchkin made him. *tears up* He loved it all.
Then we came home - put the kiddos to bed - and fell asleep. Too tired for anything else. We both said "Wow. We really are getting old!!" LOL.
How did you celebrate your special day?


Happy Valentine's Day!




: 1. I love taking random photos of myself. lol. 2. I wanted to surprise my husband for Valentine's Day this year. I have never ever surprised him before. (reason: it never works. he always figures it out. uggh.) No, I didn't choose chocolates, cards, flowers, ties, movies, dinner, or anything that signifies 'Valentine's Day'. However, I wanted to get a little crafty, and do something sentimental. I'm thinking I hit the nail on the head. This is a cd of Barry White music. His greatest hits. *smiles* When my hubby and I were dating, he introduced me to Barry. I had only heard of his one song on "Win A Date With Tad Hamilton". Ha. Yep. The one where Topher Grace is singing along to his song while fixing his sandwich! Ha! *laughs histerically* We danced in his living room to his music, and to this day, I can pop in that same cd and reminisce in all of its emotional glory it has on me. *smiles* I remember those butterflies I would get just seeing him. Being around him. Ya know what? I will be honest. I don't feel that exact way anymore. That may sound bad to some of you - but I have grown a much deeper bond and love for my husband. I love him more now than I ever have. So if I don't feel the 'butterflies' every day...but know that I have a love and give a love that feels like this...I am okay with that. *winks* I feel so blessed to have him in my life. God brought us together - and at the time, I was thinking, "God, what the heck are you doing?!". Now I am like. "Thank you LORD you are in control and not me. You are amazing and I love you and I couldn't be happier. Truly." *smiles* The envelope has some momentos from when we dated. (ex. Pizza Combo wrapper, some old chewed gum - don't judge. lol. crab claw from Joe's Crab Shack, his old dog tags from our Army days...things like that.) 3. My b-e-a-utiful baby boy who is now older than 4 months! I can't believe it! We are watching Disney Junior right now - "Finding Nemo" is on. *smiles*
Today's agenda? Baking some awesome Valentine Cookies. *smiles* Will post pics tomorrow.


wrap it up pretty!

Okay. So this weekend has been SO relaxing. Thank the good Lord. Saturday I was able to lounge around the apartment with my boys. For most of the day. I attended a bridal shower of a good friend of mine - from High School. It was lovely. *smiles* She got loads of gifts! I am so happy for her! We played some games, the first, someone brought around a basket full of items you would find in your kitchen drawers and what not. You looked. She walked away, and we started writing trying to remember what was in there. I had 8 items on my list that I could remember. And guess what? I WON! Woo Hoo! I never win anything! LOL. I was so happy too - because I won handmade soap - from here. >>
{Orange Hibiscus - to be exact *winks*}
The next game we had to get in groups of 3. One person was the 'bride' and the others the 'dress designer'. They chose me to be the bride. So we used toilet paper and the mother of the groom and another cousin wrapped me up in T.P. Ha ha! Out of 4 groups of 3...guess what?
I WON AGAIN!!!! Woo Hoo!!!! Our table freaking rocks!!!!
So, this time our group won candles. I picked Whipped Cream & Cherry Cheesecake.
And as we left, we picked favors - they are sooo cute! They are reed/diffuser sets. I chose Warm Vanilla. Overall? Great shower! Everybody had a great time!

: Getting ready to wrap Ashley's gifts :

: The finished product. Not bad eh? :
..FYI: it was a food chopper and Paula Deen prep bowls..

: This little baby is soooooo cute. *smiles* :
:$1.50 each:
I am so excited for tomorrow! We have a babysitter and we are going to a nice dinner, shopping for some new dinnerware, because someone *coughs* the hubby *cough cough* broke a salad plate, dinner plate, and one of my beverage glasses. *sigh* Oh well, I am in need of a new set anyway. lol. I might just buy myself some new beads for my charm bracelet, and take a look at a dress that I have had my eyes on for Ashley's wedding coming up in March.
I will get a little 'spring' cardigan to go with it - since it will still be chilly.
Hope you ALL have a blessed Valentine's Day tomorrow! I know me and my little guys are going to be baking up some lovely heart shaped cookies with some icing and sprinkels. *smiles*


forever & forever

My husband and I renewed our wedding vows. That marked our 4th year anniversary. We were originally married on September 9th. But the Saturday fell on the 5th. Eh. Ya can't ask for everything to be perfect. Ha.
: We didn't have an 'actual wedding' back in 2005 when we got married. For the first time. So we did it right back in '09. *winks* It was lovely. Simply stunning. I thought. :
It was one of the BEST days of my life. To me - it was the perfect wedding. I would have had more friends and family there, but some couldn't make it and alot of them were out of town. Other than that, it was amazing. I had my 'Twilight' theme wedding - music, colors, the whole sha-bang! It was my perfect wedding.
What was your wedding like? Colors? Theme? Dress?
Have you thought about renewing your vows?
Let me know what you think!


Mr. Valentine

4 months old
February 2011
Isn't he just the cutest thing? lol.
: I feel truly blessed - thank you God for the boys You've loaned me. :
Anyone dress their kiddos up for V-Day just for pictures? I sure hope I'm not the only one. Not that it would matter if I was the only one. 'Cuz I love it! Ha.


4 months

My baby boy turned 4 months old on Sunday. It is bittersweet.
Hubby is doing great. Business is doing well.
I am busy and tired as usual. Okay. So I am exhausted.
Roy A. is hyper. Not as bad as usual. But still.
E.J. is eating cereal now. Getting up more at night. Thought that was over. Blah.
Things I am looking forward to this week:
  1. My friend Annie coming over to enjoy Starbucks Iced VIA coffee with me.
  2. My best friend and her girls to come over and exchange V-Day gifts.
  3. Having a lunch date with my mom and boys.
  4. Attending a friends Bridal Shower.
  5. Getting my pictures and PBK Easter stuff in the mail.

What about you all? What are you looking forward to this week?



At Home Hair Salon

.Daddy cutting Roy's hair for the first time.

.Looking pretty good.

.All done.

{We saved $10 by buying clippers from Wal*Mart}

{Savings for his haircuts per year = $120}

{Savings for hubby's haircuts per year = $216}