Moment of Panic

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Okay. Have any of you ever had one of those, "OMG" moments? The ones where you think you lost something. No - wait. You know you lost something?
I have been sick for the past week or so. Yesterday I woke up at 4 a.m. and played around on my iPod for a bit to try and get tired so I could fall back to sleep. I was on there for around 34 minutes. I felt sleepy. So I put the iPod down on my nightstand. It is right beside my bed. Around 8 a.m. by boys woke up. I walked into the nursery to change E.J. While I was doing so, R.A. was in mommy and daddy's room. (God only knows what a 3 1/2 year old can do in like 35 seconds. uggh.)
I come in and don't notice anything different. At first. So, I pop in a vhs tape of "Blues Clues" and go fix up some breakfast. But wait. I think I will plug in my iPod first. Okayyyy.... where did it go? I look on the nightstand to find an empty space. My glasses are there. My basket of bottles, formula, and bottled water are there. My contact case. My hair barettes. Everything BUT my iPod. So, I immediately look under the bed, thinking it fell of the table. I look around the surrounding areas. Nothing. Nada. Zip. *sigh* I forget about it. I have just misplaced it. (even though I never touched the darn thing since 4:30 a.m. lol.)
So I fix breakfast, change diapers, clean up toys, blog, and what not. Sort of forgetting about my 'missing' iPod. Then I realize I still had some music I wanted to pop on my iPod. So, I get ready to Sync it up...and there is no iPod. (weird how I keep 'forgetting' that I have misplaced the stupid thing. lol.) At this point I am like..."Okay, I know without a doubt I had it there at 4:30 a.m. and it was there when I woke up...so R.A. must have snatched it."
I ask R.A., "Did you hide mommy's iPod?"
"Where did you hide it?"
"Under your bed."
....looks under bed....nothing....nada....zippo....
"Where is it baby?"
"In my closet. In my toybox."
....looks in closet....in toybox....nothing....nada....zippo....
.....literally strip searches my whole 3 level apartment.....
get the picture?
So, when daddy comes home, he takes the trash out. I always sit it on our front stoop thinking I will take it out, but then I always forget. So he does it when he gets home. lol.
I tell him the whole story, wondering maybe if he would have a good idea where it might be...considering I have strip searched our home.
He says, "Did you check everywhere?" "Umm...yeah. You don't even have a clue." lol.
Did you check the trash?
He just took it out to the dumpster and it was packed. Like, 3 people dumped their trash AFTER he did. Uggh. He went out searched and found 2 bags that weren't ours before we found the one that was. Eww. That is all I will say. Eww.
We dive down into the bottom, all the way down...wayyyy down. At the very bottom, covered in the nasty leftover triple chocolate fudge brownies that I made the other day....was my iPod Touch. Seriously? And it was freezing cold.
I ask R.A., "Did you put mommy's iPod in the trash upstairs this morning?"
"Don't ever do that again."
"Okay. I'm sorry Mommy."
"It's okay sweetie. Just don't touch mommy's things like that. That wasn't nice."
I gave him a big hug, because I wasn't about to spank my child for something he did many hours ago. And for the fact that even though that meant so much to me, I wouldn't feel right about punishing him for something as silly as an iPod. It can be replaced. My son and his feelings cannot. I love him so much and even though he did that...he is 3 1/2. What can I expect? lol.
So...whatever you do....
Check your trash if you are missing something.....
Especially if you have kids. lol.


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