Bundle Up

: Okay. So I am loving this set from American Eagle Outfitters. *smiles* I bought these last week for $5 each! What a deal! Original price, $19.50 each! Can I get an 'Oh Yeah!'? Oh yeah! lol. Anyway, I have been wearing these babies around since I purchased them. The 'boggin is absolutely perfect. Cute. Looks great. Feels great. Mittens are adorable and fit great too. :
Yeah - so today it was around 30 degrees. 30 degrees less than what it was on Thursday. Bummer. Big bummer. I am SO ready for Spring? Have I said that enough yet? lol.
We didn't go to services today. Well, the boys and I didn't. I felt bad. I was supposed to be on Nursery Duty for 2nd service. I was up every hour with E.J. due to his teething and congestion. R.A. still has his face rash and this momma didn't feel so hot either. *frowns* I feel that a friend was upset by me not being there, but I talked to her about it - and I hope that she feels better now that she knows the situation. I do hate missing services and my duty day. But as a mother I know that taking care of my children come first and foremost as opposed to nursery duty. My hubby would have watched them no problem - but he is on our First Impression Team (greeter). And he takes that position very seriously. As would I if I was on it. I understand that when you are a new member, or just a first time guest to a church - the greeters mean EVERYTHING. In a way, that can honestly make a huge impact on whether someone comes back or not. That is HUGE.
Anyway - we still had 'church' at home. I read the rest of Exodus (I have been working on reading straight through for the first time. Ever.). And R.A. looked through his little Bible story book and I read him the story of Adam and Eve, and a couple other select stories. We had a good day though, even though we didn't feel well.
I feel worse tonight. My stomach is upset and I am dead tired. Hope I don't get real sick.
So - how was your Sunday?


  1. Super cute hat and mittens!

    Your comment on my site cracked me up! I did a post about the Tiffany's ring that shows it and picnic proposal that you can see here...


    Have a Marvelous Monday and thank you so much for stopping by my site!

    Liesl :)

  2. Thanks! :) Ooh, I must check that out! ;)

    I will - you do the same sweetie!