down on the farm

: The Nursery :
{the before picture.}
: I plan on spray painting the dresser, 4-in-1 bed, and the changing table white. :
:: I will be doing this in the next couple of months. ::

: E. J's new farm play mat - he loves it. :

: R. A. at bath time. He is almost 4 - but he loves bath time. Well - he doesn't like water in his face - but he sure loves playing with the huge basket of rubber bath toys! :
Today we are lounging around. Momma got 9 hours of sleep last night! Woo hoo! That never happens. For the last week or two I have been up ever 1-2 hourse with my youngest at 4 months. He is teething something awful. *frowns* Poor little guy.
What are you all into today?


  1. Cute post! Valeria


  2. They are such cuties!! :) My kids love bathtime too! Thanks for the visit today! :)

  3. Thank you! :) No problem - I am sure I'll be visiting your page again soon. ;)