: Hello Friday :
Oh sweet Friday you have come and gone. Thank you Jesus for the weekend. It is amazing that even YOU, Lord, wanted us to rest on Sunday. I am thankful to have my Friday night, Saturday, and Sunday all to myself. And my family of course. *winks* Just to be able to stay up a little later, watch me some Reba and order some Papa Johns. Mmm. What a great time.
Today the boys and I invited mamaw and papaw to our apartment to do their laundry. Their washer broke out of nowhere. So, until they get a new one they are more than welcome to use ours. After all - I owe them lots more than a few loads of laundry. lol. They did a lot for me growing up. *winks* Then we went over to their house to take a walk up and down their street. We pulled out the red wagon for R.A. and popped E.J. in the stroller and a walkin' we went. *smiles* R.A. asked mamaw to pick up pretty much every 'big' rock he saw on the journey. Ha. So, by the time we got back to the house, we had 3 large rocks and a 'baby' rock.
We pulled everything in the garage, and went inside to eat some lunch. Then we painted the rocks we found on the way. We got an old tablecloth out, put in on the kitchen table and picked out some old brushes and acrylic paints. He loved it! Of course we took of R.A.'s shirt...cuz that was immediately becoming a mess. lol. He thoroughly enjoyed himself. {and so did mommy.) *smiles* Then I shop-vacuumed the car. Whew. It desperately needed it. Hadn't done it since September, before I had E.J. lol. It was 65 degrees today! So, I enjoyed being outside. While I did that, R.A. enjoyed playing with his sidewalk chalk on mamaw and papaw's driveway. He would pick up a leaf here and there...then for what reason I don't know...he tried to eat one. Yeah. An almost 4 year old wanting to eat a leaf. LOL. Don't worry. One second after that first bite, he realized it wasn't a good idea. Ha. He spit it out asap. Ha ha.
We played with baby brother, and took care of him during his fussy 2 hours of teething at mamaws...poor little guy. He really is having a hard time with it. Luckily, he fell asleep on the drive home. (which btw, is only 2 minutes away. ha.) He slept for over an hour. Then another hour later. He got to bed early tonight...around 7. So...hopefully he will still sleep tonight. *here's hoping*
What have you all been up to? Any weekend plans?


  1. That sounds like a pretty much perfect day. What a sweet family you have! I love that your Mom picked up the rocks. So cute. I bet they look adorable! We have had a great Saturday. Hopefully Sunday is just as great!

  2. Aww, thank you! :) Yeah, mom loves taking R.A. for walks in the wagon. She definitely gets her exercise with him! Ha! I am so glad to hear you had a great day too! ;)