Super Bowl Sunday

Happy Sunday everyone! I hope you all are doing well. I had a great morning - a little crazy of a morning - running around like a chicken with my head cut off - but great morning all the same. Ha ha. Service was amazing. As usual. E.J. did great in the nursery - fell asleep even. Had our Tim Hortons fix before service. Medium Cafe Mocha for me with 2 splendas. Alongside a Triple Chocolate Muffin for me. Mmm. Good stuff right there! *smiles* Came home, had my mom over for lunch - dad was sick. We had soft tacos, chips and salsa, pepperoni rolls, cocktail sausages, and a football meat and cheese tray. I got a few bites in while my 4 month old screamed his head off. lol. Mamaw invited R.A. over for a sleepover, so they are kickin it over there. Tonight we are celebrating the Super Bowl at our Pastors' house. Gonna have a blast - or try too - I will have E.J. with me. He is going through seperation anxiety right now. lol.
My little E.J. turned 4 months old today. *bittersweet*
These little babies (pictured above) are just simple coffee filters. R.A. and I cut them up like snowflakes and used pretty red/pink markers to color hearts and designs on them. He loved it! How simple...and didn't spend a dime! We have them displayed on our fridge as we speak! Ha ha.
Enjoy your Super Bowl Sunday everyone!
What are you ALL doing today/tonight?

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