Being a Mom is Enough

Where does the time go? These pictures were from 2010. I sit here in my living room with my box of tissues asking myself this question. Where. Does. The. Time. Go? I look around and I see all of the things that take up my time. My cell phone. My computer. My chores. Tasks. Errands. Do I ever sit and actually 'play' with my children? Do I take time out of my busy schedule to inspire them? Talk to them? And not just talk TO them. Talk WITH them. 

A friend shared a blog article on her FB. I sobbed the entire time I was reading it. I sobbed so hard I had to remove myself from the couch and go in my bedroom and shut the door. I, like many other mothers out there I'm sure...have got caught up with 'life'. The day to day. Shame on me...is how I feel. I can't help it. It is pretty sad when my 6 year old son says, "Mom! Just put the phone down for a minute and look!" or when my 3 year old says, "Mommy! Mommy! Mommy!....MOMMY!" While I feel like I have things that need to be done...are they really things that are necessary to my living? My breathing? Will I die if I don't check my email THIS instant? Can the dishes wait? Yes. Can the laundry wait? Yes. Can my text messages wait? Yes. Yes. They. Can.

My friends...if anyone out there still reads this blog...if I could give any advice to you at all...from experience. Don't waste this life God has blessed you so richly with. Your children need you. They don't just want you 'around'...they WANT YOU NEAR and DEAR. Taking them out to eat, buying them new toys or clothes, or taking them to the zoo...those aren't really spending quality time with them. Sit on the couch or bed...with a good book. Read to them. Pray with them. Look them IN THE EYE and tell them you love them...and WHY you love them. We don't know how many days we have on this earth. Our days are numbered, so saith the Lord. Be generous with your hugs, kisses, and outpouring of love to your children. There is NEVER too much love from a Mother to her child. Never. 

..Jesus I don't want anything coming in between You and I..

(love this song)

...I'm holding nothing back...nothing back from You...

The same goes for our children...don't let ANYTHING come between you and your children...especially 'things'.

Remember: Being a Mom is Enough 



.-.birthday celebration.-.

.Birthday Celebration.


 .Smiles all around. 
{note the Frida print Stella & Dot scarf} *wink*


<3 font="">

I had a wonderful birthday celebration with my husband and friends. (there were 2 other men there - don't worry - my husband wasn't tortured. lol.) I absolutely love The Olive Garden. My favorite 'chain' restaurant by far. <3 font="">

.till next time.


{Multnomah Falls - Oregon}

This was one of my absolute favorite places I visited while on my trip to Forks, Washington. These falls are in Oregon. So beautiful - I didn't want to leave. I can honestly say I truly felt homesick when I had to board the plane home. :/

..More pictures to come...


Forks, WA

Hmm. Guess where I visited in April?

That's right - Forks, Washington! 

^^Me and Bella's truck^^

I was so happy to visit the place of my 'dreams'. I read all of the books, watched all of the movies over and over again. Attended the midnight showings, had my 24th birthday themed in "Twilight", and yes...I even got to stand right in front of the Cullen House! More pictures to come. 

Sorry I'm so far behind on posting. I've been super busy lately and I just started another business. I am now a Stella & Dot Stylist! I am so thankful for my team and where my life is going!

You can check out more about S&D here: Melinda's Style Boutique


Yeah, so I know that I haven't posted since November. Wowza! Sorry guys. Anyway, I've been pretty busy with family and business lately. The Lord has truly blessed our little family over the past few months. I am very grateful. :) 

This is a picture of my hubby and I at Wisp Ski resort. We went on a little holiday over New Years. My first time. Let's just say...next time I'll be on the bunny slope and taking lessons. I wanted to take a class - but our friends said, "You'll do great!" and the next thing I knew, I was on a lift all the way to the top. Yeah. I'm lucky to be alive. LOL. 

Hope all of you had a lovely holiday season! I know I did and I am ready for much warmer weather! Ready to open up these windows and let the warm Spring air inside! :)

Blessings ~ Melinda


Wow. Sorry for the lack of updates folks. It has been a crazy few weeks. I have been throwing more Thirty One parties than I know what to do with! I don't think I've ever partied so hard in my life! Ha! 

So...I've been doing a little primping lately. I never 'pamper' myself, and I just got down right tired of that! So, I have settled in my 'new body'. Not really new. Not new at all. I am just finally happy with myself. No more worried about trying to be a size 0, no more trying to fit in 'those' jeans. 

I have found a wonderful store (when I say found...I mean I found it like 3 years ago, but just now started shopping at it regularly. New York & Company. What a wonderful store! I love it!

So anyway - here are some pics from the past few weeks. Love my new hat! Which, that is another new development...I have started wearing hats! Who knew!?! LOL. I love them! I think I might just be growing up. Ha Ha.

May you all have a joyful and lovely holiday!




Crafts, Books, Photography, Pumpkins, & Mums

My Mommies Group craft for today. 

#1. Construction Paper
#2. Scissors
#3. Glue
#4 Green Glitter
#5 Tongue Depressor
#6 Popcorn

"Breaking Dawn Part II" is almost here. A re-read is a must. 

Learning to love me. I may not be perfect. Or a size 0, but I am beautiful just the way God made me. 

My front porch. :)

Fall is such a beautiful time. :) 

**Yes, those are door mats - well - step mats. When we moved in our new place - these were laying in one of the sheds out back. I cleaned them up and put them to good use. Weather proof too. Pretty awesome update. The best part? It was FREE. :)**