Happy Father's Day (belated) Post

Daddy opening his card from R.A. & Edward. *smiles*

R.A. giving Daddy his gift to open up.

He got him a Willow Tree figurine for his 'Man Cave' or Office. *hee hee*

I got him a "Marriage Prayer" plaque from the Christian Bookstore.

Aren't these darling? These are the inviations that we sent out for R.A.'s 4th birthday party!

Hope you all are having a great week!

Happy Monday!


Walt Disney World Vacation: Part III

Epcot was a BLAST!

MMM...Lobster frittata - poached eggs, asparagus...need I say more?

The lovely carriage at the Grand Floridian - used for weddings.

R.A.'s Mickey Pancake with Mickey sprinkles!! Loved this!!

*sigh* What a beautiful sight! *smiles*


Walt Disney World Vacation: Part II

We visited Planet Hollywood in Downtown Disney - we loved it!

Ha! R.A. was so scared of King Louis - E.J. loved him, and Louis blew lots of kisses to him.

This was by far the weirdest thing we saw at Disney. Hands down. Pretty cool, huh?
(in case you can't tell, this is a woman, her face painted green...she would hide out by the bushes, then walk over and scare the living snot out of everyone! lol.)

R.A. loved the fishies!

R. and I loved the Animal Kingdom! Aside from me gashing my thumb open, and having to be sent to First Aid center in the theme park. Yeah, aside from THAT it was great! lol.

(no stitches needed thank the Lord, but it hurt so BAD!)

More pictures to come soon, with even MORE views from The Grand Floridian Resort and Spa and Walt Disney World. *smiles*


Walt Disney World Vacation Part I

It's official. Walt Disney World Resort was AMAZING!

You haven't truly experienced it...until you have stayed INSIDE the parks. Just sayin'.

Cinderella signing R.A.'s autograph book. *smiles*

Me and E.J. - poolside.

Caught a quick glimpse with the camera of this beautiful bird...before loading up on the boat to Magic Kingdom park.

Isn't the castle just breathtaking? *smiles*

More pictures to come. So many, so little time to upload. lol.

And by the way - the circumstance that has been killing me for 3 solid months - has come to a conclusion. A decision was made - all was put out on the table. And the Lord truly answered my prayers...in more ways than one. Continued prayers would certainly be appreciated, however, changes have already taken place and life has been pretty good...vacation was amazing...and now more than ever...I feel loved like never before. *squees*


Disney World, Here We Come!

Tomorrow is our BIG day!

We leave for Walt Disney World - we will be staying at this lovely hotel, The Grand Floridian Resort and Spa. I am so ecstatic! We will be there for about a week - I hope to have a great time - get some much needed 'rest' (sleeping in) and relaxation. Considering the circumstances going on in my life right now, this is just what I need. I pray that God will help me to be strong and to enjoy my time there. I will take many many pictures - and I will post them when I get back and settled. *smiles*

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


Strawberry Jam

There is nothing like homemade jam. This past week my mom and I bought some strawberries at our local farm, and I made jam. For the first time. Well, I had made freezer jam before, but this was the 'real' stuff. lol.

I rinsed the berries, cut off the tops, mashed them with a potatoe masher, added the pectin and started boiling...then added the sugar...then poured into the jars. Canned them. And VOILA. *smiles* I love my jam.

Aren't they pretty?

Mmm...I enjoyed a nice glass of white wine from the vineyard we visited last weekend...alongside our extra box of fresh berries. *smiles*

How was your weekend everyone?

Just so you know - today's message at church was amazing. It was the first time I have been back since the seperation. That is 2 months folks. I needed me some praise and worship. I had never felt so moved. I was in tears most of the message. It was June..."Month of the Man". I learned alot. God truly spoke to me. I needed to have a good 2 hour talk with God today...while at the park. I had to make apologies to people in my life. Especially to one person in particular. That has hurt me alot...but I hadn't realized till this past couple of days...and then today...that I had hurt this person too. In many ways more than one. Wow. How could I have been so blind?

It was a good day. God is changing me. In a good way, for sure. *smiles*


Fun In The Sun

R.A. enjoying the 'Rocket Rider' at Mamaw & Papaw's.

Enjoying a light snack during 'rest time' from the kiddie pool.

E.J. having a good 'ole time with bubby. *smiles*

(Have I mentioned I love these guys?)

Mommy enjoying a nice, refreshing glass of lemonade - poolside. *

Of course I saved the BEST for LAST!

E.J. sat up on his OWN today. All by HIMSELF! For the FIRST time!

My boys are growing up too fast. *tears up*


Fun In The Sun - Backyard Beach

Me getting my TAN on. *laughs*

R.A. having fun in his kiddie pool at Mamaw's.

(Got those balls in the pool for .10 cents each at a Yard Sale today! Whoot Whoot!)

"This water tastes funny mom..."*lol*

R.A. having fun in his pool.

E.J. having fun watching 'big brother' in the kiddie pool.

Isn't it amazing how time flies? Especially when you are having fun. With everything that has been going on in my life...I have truly come closer to God. Walking and talking with Him all through the day. It gives me peace. It makes me realize what life is truly about. What matters most. And all of that. I am realizing that my boys matter the most to me. Hands down. God is first in my life, by far. But he gave me my children, and I can't seem to thank Him enough. *smiles* I am loving life these days - despite the nasty circumstances. Learning to love. Learning to forgive. Learning to LIVE. It is a pretty amazing thing.

Have a great evening folks.