Memorial Day Fun

Shenendoah - Edinburg, VA - Vineyard we visited while in VA.

(I enjoyed 2 glasses of this yummy stuff on Memorial Day. *smiles*)

Mmm. Taco Dip, Tortillas, Swiss burgers, Chicken & Veggie kabobs, Baked beans, Devilled Eggs, Potato Salad, Claussen pickles, BBQ and Sea Salt potato chips...what more could I want? lol.

Daddy and R.A. having some fun with the water hose. *laughs*

Me and E.J.

R.A. 'settling down' after our cookout - building many block towers. *laughs*

So, did everyone have a good holiday weekend? I hope so.

Have a great week everyone!


A Charlottesville Dream

So, this past weekend was my husband's, friends' ...wedding.

I needed a dress. And shoes. And jewelry. And a clutch.

This momma doesn't do fancy very much. So I splurged. *smiles*

My $40 dress from dressbarn

$30 stillettos from charlotte russe

The entry way at Sonja's guest house

(it blew my mind that this was 'just' the guest house. lol.)

Some of the landscaping near the entry way of the house.

The back deck off of the guest house.

(if you look toward the trees in the back of the picture, there are tables set up - that was the bar. we enjoyed the finest champagne, red and white wines, beer, and a lovely cheese and fruit array.)

A. J. and R.

So without a doubt...we had a fabulous time in Virginia. There was so much more that you can't see in these pics...but I have more...but no time to really sit down and 'blog' about it. It was a once-in a lifetime experience...that is for sure.

I am so excited, I made two new girlfriends who have gone or are going through alot of the same stuff I am right now... I really needed this past weekend. Thank you Lord for Your blessings. They always come unexpectedly...*smiles*

Some of my weekend favorites:

  • Trying duck for the first time.

  • Trying lamb for the first time.

  • Drinking a 'real' (expensive) glass of white wine.

  • Drinking a 'real' (expensive) glass of red wine.

  • Drinking exquisite champagne with raspberries.

  • Making some great friends and relationships.

  • Bumping elbows with Dames knighted by the Queen, embassadors, CEO's, and the like...

Yep. That pretty much sums it up. lol.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!



The best love is the kind that awakens the soul; that makes us reach for more, that plants the fire in our hearts and brings peace to our minds. That's what I hope to give you forever.


Strength > Pain

"When the waves are taking you under, hold on just a little bit longer. The pain ain't gonna last forever, it's only gonna make you STRONGER."

I love that song!

Going to a friends wedding in VA this weekend.

I bought a very sexy red dress, black stillettos, black clutch, and diamond bracelt, earrings, and necklace to match. *smiles*

If nothing else, my husband is going to have every other man checking me out. LOL.

I hope my husband appreciates the effort I put into looking 'stunning' for this thing. Ha.

I am excited. Will post pics when we get back.

Have a great weekend everyone!


Type II Diabetes

Last night I spent 5 hours in the ER.

Visited 2 Doctors. Family Physician & OB.

They think I have Type II Diabetes. They gave me Rx for a meter. I have to check my blood sugar every day up to my appointment in June.

They will go from there. I have had so much going on in my life.

1. My husband wanting a 'trial seperation' for 6 months.

2. Irregular bleeding / menstrual cycle.

3. Stress.

4. Side and upper abdominal pain.

5. Nose bleeds.

6. Coughing up blood.

7. Bloody stool.

8. Yeah...you name it, I've had it in the past few months. Uggh.

They will be checking me in 2 months to make sure that my irregular bleeding isn't coming from my birth control...if it is, then I switch...if it isn't, then something else is wrong. Grrreaat.


I am on stress overload these days. I know God will take care of me.

I am at my limit, that is for sure.


Should I Stay or Go?

(picture via annemariephotography on deviantart - bing.com)

So a decision has been made. Sort of.

Estimated wait time: 6 months

This will be a long 6 months. I know God will see me through though. I have no doubts about that. In time - healing will come.

"Those who love your instructions have great peace and do not stumble." - Psalm 119:165


Have you ever been lost?

Have you ever felt confused?

Like, so confused, that you don't know if the next decision someone makes for you will shatter the world, or will bring world peace?

I feel that way. I have been thrown back and forth soooo many times that I am beginning to understand what it feels like to be on that 'fair' ride, The Scrambler. Ya know what I mean?

I can't stand it when people can't make up their mind. Especially when it is a decision that is life-altering. It is either Yes or No. Simple as that.

Yet, so many times people will say, "It is complicated". Well, yes, it may be.

LIFE is complicated. Who's isn't?

However, if you truly love someone, then that should be all that matters.

I wish I could make things easier for myself. For my family. I wish I didn't have to sit back and wait for someone else to make up their mind. *sigh*

I know in time, God will bring peace. And healing. I pray for patience every day. It is so hard to be patient in a situation like this.

Today I pray for guidance. Peace. (mostly peace)

I want to live and be at peace, without being hurt. Without having my heart ripped to shreads every other day.

Not only am I going through all of this, but now I am having health issues that have risen out of nowhere.

I guess, when it rains...it pours.


With all of that being said.

I am grateful to God for His many blessings. I have a wonderful family.

Two beautiful boys. Loving, supportive parents. A great best friend.

And most of ALL - God. He is my rock. My fortress. To Him...I owe everything.

Lord - help me get through this. Give me patience, guidance, and speak to me, and through me. Lift me up and comfort me. Give me the words to speak. And save me from torture from this situation. Bring us together. Mend us. Make us whole again. Please. - Amen.


So I looked through one of the books I have been reading, and I wanted to share this. Because, it is helping me...and I figured if it could help me, it might just help somone else that may need it.

(via The New Bible Cure For Depression & Anxiety )


Ch. 3 involves the title above.

It all starts with your thoughts.

Once you start believing that something is possible, the likelihood of your taking the action to achieve that goal will greatly increase.... Thinking influences your feelings and behaviors, as well as your physical body.... That is why we must begin thinking in God's ways, not our own.

Your thinking is as vital to your spiritual life as breathing is to your physical life. Because it affects everything you do, your thinking is the way God carries out His plans in your life.

(another book recommended is Fourth Dimensional Living in a Three Dimensional World )

Tune in to your feelings and begin to capture anxiety-provoking thoughts and beliefs, you can then replace these automatic thoughts and beliefs with God's Word, which will resolve both depression and anxiety. You can literally change your thinking and change your life. Feelings can then alert you to what you are thinking, which is usually at the root of your anxiety.

When you operate from preset beliefs, you feel anxious without even knowing why. In other words, you react before you think.

When anxious feelings occur, to track your anxiety triggers, thoughts, and beliefs. Then as you reprogram these thoughts and beliefs, anxiety will subside and eventually go.

Romans 8: 5-6 says, "For those who live according to the flesh set their minds on the things of the flesh, but those who live according to the Spirit, the things of the Spirit. For to be carnally minded is death, but to be spiritually minded is life and peace."

I love that verse. Enough said.

Worldy mind-sets lead to depression and anxiety, but spiritual mind-sets lead to life and peace. Peace is the opposite of anxiety, and we can develop peace by reprogramming and tearing down all mind-sets or strongholds contrary to God's Word and replacing them with scriptures.

If your parents programmed your life with praise, contentment, gratitude, love, joy, you are likely to go through life with these types of attitudes and expectations.

Ephesians 4:21-24

...."throw off your old sinful nature and your former way of life, which is corrupted by lust and deception. Instead, let the Spirit renew your thoughts and attitudes. Put on your new nature, created to be like God-truly righteous and holy."

But if your parents programmed your life with worry, you will be prone to worry; if they programmed it with fear, your automatic reaction is fear; if they programmed it with expecting the worst, you will expect the worst. (don't blame your parents, this is to simply understand that we are all programmed by someone or something through life...through 'teaching'.)

When Christians are born again, we receive Christ's forgiveness for our sins and invite Him into our hearts, but many Christians never purge the bad software from their minds even though the virus of sin has been removed. Replace those bad thoughts and feelings with the Word of God until God's thoughts and beliefs are automatic in our minds and in our hearts.

I wholeheartedly believe that these negative thought processes and toxic emotions are at the root of many diseases and health problems. Practice contentment, gratitude, and joy to literally insulate the heart and mind from anxiety and depression.

(some information on Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy - still from Ch. 3)

In cognitive-behavioral therapy, a patient learns to examine his thinking and question any negative beliefs, assumptions, or feelings. When negative thought patterns -- "If something bad is going to happen, it will happen to me" -- are broken, the painful expectations that accompany them lose their self-fulfilling power, and most people experience a dramatic improvement.


To defeat these strongholds, you have to learn to recognize and pull up these 'weeds' and then plant the "incorruptible seed" fof God's Word, which prevents more weeds from growing.

When the seed of the Word of God is planted in your mind and heart, it literally produces a harvest of peace, joy, gratitude, and all of the remaining fruit of the Spirit. (Galatians 5:22-23)

(Two other books I'd recommend: Stress Less and Deadly Emotions. Both by (and including this one I'm reading) Don Colbert, MD)

Distortional Thought Patterns

"What if" thinking. (boy do I have alot of this.)

ex. What if I lose my job?

What if thinking breeds anxiety and fear. If you focus on "what if", your fear grows; however, if you focus on God's Word, your fear goes. Eliminate this "what if" thinking. It shatters faith, and without faith, it is impossible to please God.

Learn to replace "what if" with what God's Word says: God always causes me to triumph. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. If God be fore me, who can be against me? God makes all things to work together for good to those who love Him. God is working on your behalf. These are promises in His Word, and you know you can count on them.

Every time you speak what God's Word says, it is similar to planting a seed in a garden. Every time you confess God's Word, it's similar to watering your planted seed. But every time you say, "What if," it is similar to digging up the seed you planted. So stop saying, "What if?"

I confess that all things are possible to those who believe. I realize that "what if" thing and "what if" words destroy faith, and without faith it is impossible to please God. I refuse to dig up the precious seeds of God's promises by speaking "what if." Instead, I will speak God's promises and ask myself, "What does God's Word say?"


I have alot more that I would love to share. However, my almost 4 year old has other plans. lol. I will try and share more later. This was just laying on my heart, and I love this author. He is amazing. Very inspiring. I hope this maybe helps someone out there in the blogging world today...

Have a great evening everyone!


Broken Trust

How can a person tear your heart to shreds. Glue it back together. Rip it open. Sew it back. Hammer it to pieces. Mend it. Then set it on fire and burn it to ash. AGAIN?

I don't get it.

I try to understand. My life feels so out of step. I just don't know what to do next.

The Lord is helping me. Guiding me. I have forgiven when forgiveness isn't deserved.

I didn't 'deserve' forgiveness from Jesus...but he died for me anyway and forgave me.

I am trying to be more like Christ. I pray He will continue to help me along this horrific path I am on.

Give me light, Oh Lord!


Peace Comes To Those Who Seek God

Wow. I have learned alot in the past couple of months. In the past few weeks. Past couple of days. Today. Wow. Who knew a person could learn so much in such a short period of time.

I have never talked to God so much in my entire life. I am a praying woman. I attend church. I have a personal relationship with my saviour, Jesus Christ. But we have never, ever, ever been this close.

I don't know if you have ever had a moment like this in your life. But - today, I honestly felt God's presence in the room with me. I felt Him moving all around me. I felt Him speaking to me, and through me. I have never been more close to Him.

I feel renewed.

I have been going through something that I never thought I would have ever faced in my entire lifetime. I went through it. For a month and a half. Solid. But it had been happening over the course of 5 or so years... But now, things have settled down. Things were talked out. Hashed out. And 'nipped in the bud', so to speak.

Scriptures were read and quoted. Prayers were answered. I was moved. Spiritually.

I can't thank everyone enough - for our family and our friends out there - who have been praying for us these past few weeks. It has been a super rough time for all of us.

I am so grateful to have so many people in my life to pray for me. For my family. *smiles*

You all make me smile.

My prayers have been answered. Trust has been brought back to my life.

Things have changed. Life has changed.

But now? It is for the better.

Things can only get better.

- God, thank you for your blessings, your Almighty power that you spread throughout my life on a daily basis. Especially today. For You, I am eternally grateful. I love you. Amen. -

I hope everyone is having and will continue to have, a great weekend.


Happy (belated) 25th Birthday Robert Pattinson!

: Happy Birthday to Rob! :

Okay. So today was pretty spectacular. My best friend and I had our 'girl's day' out and we shopped till we dropped...literally. We ate some great food at Chick-fil-A. And watched one of my favorite movies, "Water for Elephants". *smiles* Today has been wonderful.

I also found some great deals at AE. I got a mini skirt, tank, v-neck tee, 6 pieces of jewelry, and a bottle of perfume, for $40! (I had a 40% off coupon for my entire purchase, and the jewelry was 3 for $15!! Super deal!!

After our movie, we went home...I thought it was going to be rough. But things are good. For right now atleast. *smiles* Hubby, myself, and boys watched some of Disney's "The Aristocats" and enjoyed some pizza and chips. 20 minutes into the movie and both boys were out asleep. lol. So, they got to bed around 7:30. *smiles*

Mommy and Daddy had some 'alone time'. Thank GOD!

Watched the finale of "The Vampire Diaries" on my DVR...aah...I can't wait till Season 2 is out on dvd! Aah!

Okay...so what are you all doing this weekend? Tomorrow, we plan on staying HOME and resting for a change. Lounging the entire day. We need a break. A break from running all the time. So, we will enjoy our day tomorrow.

'Night ya'll!


Happy Mother's Day!

: Me and E.J. :

: R.A. and I :

: My mother's day gift from our neighbor *smiles* :

(how sweet, right?)

Today's post comes straight from the heart. I have been going through alot lately. I won't go into it. But it is something that no woman ever wishes she had to go through. No wife. No mother. However, I am dealing with it right now. It is very hard. I have been praying so hard these past few weeks. Few days. I always pray. Many times a day...but these past few weeks, I have never prayed harder.

On the brighter side - I had a good Mother's Day with my boys. Nothing could take that away from me. I honestly didn't feel like attending services today. At all. By any means. However, E's baby dedication was today. So, I did it for him. Then he started his 'teething fuss' afterwards, so we left and took him to Mamaw's...while R.A. , the hubster, and myself went out for Mother's Day lunch. It was nice. I had a good time. It just isn't the same when something so devastating is happening in your life. It is like when someone dies around you, and everyone else is ok...and expects you to be okay too...but your not. You know?

You live in a 'different' world when you are going through something like that. I am getting through it though. R.A. made a craft today for me in Sunday school, and planted a pretty flower and decorating the cup. That made my day. Right there.*smiles* He told me over and over today, "Happy Mother's Day". And "I love you, Mommy". And I didn't have to ask him too. Isn't that what real love is? When someone loves you with no conditions.

God's love is like that. For that, I am truly grateful.

Anyway, on to better, happier things.

...I hope you all enjoyed today's post. Happy Mother's Day to all you Moms out there!...


Life or Death? Phone Hacker

Ok. So I know the title of my blog post is sort of 'weird'. But I thought it appropriate for today. I recently got a new phone from my hubby for Mother's Day. *yay* It is a Kyocera Echo from Sprint. Well, it is pretty amazing, to say the least. However, we added a line, so I got rid of my old phone and number. So, now I have a new phone AND number.

I have had the new phone for a few days. Today, I get texts from a distant/out of state number. They think I am someone they know, when in fact, I have no clue who they are. I tell them all of this. Stating, that "I got a new phone and number, so I am not the person you are looking for." They were insistant that I was this other person. Saying things like, "Your so-and-so...don't lie." Then it went further and further to things like this, "Well, I know where you live and I know your email account, you are signed in right now". And I was. This really freaked me out.

Then it went on to, "Well, If you aren't so-and-so, then who are you?" I obviously said, "I won't continue this conversation and I don't give out personal information to complete strangers." So then, this person said, "Just give me your first name." You can guess the rest...it kept going...until I finally stopped repeating myself of my usual response, "This is not who you think it is, you have the wrong person, and number...please stop texting me."

It got so bad, that I had to call the police. They are on it now, and I am to stay in my house, doors and windows locked, and don't answer the door to anyone I don't know. At all. If someone comes to the door that I don't know, and they are insisting upon coming in...then I am to call back to 911 immediately. I have a gun (well, it is my husband's), and a tire pole that my dad used to have when he drove truck forever ago...so I have self defense if someone breaks in and tries to hurt me or my children.

I know God will protect me and my children. I am asking for prayer though - I can't imagine anyone seriously trying to go through with something like that...but with all of the t.v. out there and things...it wouldn't surprise me.

This being said, apparently, after talking to the police, and others...even regular folks, that know what they are doing...can 'hack' into your cell phone....and find out what your email account is, and possibly even your location...the more 'apps' and things the easier it is. Like, 'people' and 'places' and where you shop...things like that. and when your number is coming up on someone's cell or id...they can track the number to your state...obviously...and then go from there. Some then go to Facebook, and blogs...and literally 'hunt' you down.

I am not saying that this will be done to me...or anyone out there. But I am saying watch out. Because I didn't see this sort of thing happening to me...and it did. What I thought was someone just texting 'the wrong person'...turned out to be someone prying out information from me...and insisting I was an email hacker, and that I could 'go to jail' and that this person wanted to 'come over and talk'....turned out to be one of the scariest moments in my life.

Let me tell you, especially if you have kids, you will do anything to protect them. So, even if this turns out to be some idiot trying to scare the crazy out of me...then atleast I can say I did what I had to to protect my family. Like calling 911 seemed silly to me, then the Police Officer said, "This is not silly at all." So, don't ever think ANYTHING is too silly...when in doubt...just CALL. Trust me, they would rather you call, then to not, and have someone raid your house, and God forbid, kill your entire household...because you didn't feel like it was 'important'. Call. Just do it.

So, please protect yourself...make sure your privacy settings on your E-mail, Cell phone, home phone, and other things....are protected with passwords, and etc...make sure you go the extra mile! Because...

..... it could be your life.


Breaking Dawn BABY!

Okay. So I about DIED when I found out that Summit officially released photos/stills of "Breaking Dawn: Part I"!!! Could I be any more excited? Heck yes! You just wait till November...my best friend and I will be FIRST in line...okay, maybe not first, but we will be hours early and we will have advance tickets like, 3 months ahead, just like last summer. lol.

Without further or do...


(for those who DON'T want to know what is going on until they SEE it. don't scroll down. lol.)

: need I say more? :


: AAH! The egg breakfast. *sigh* I remember those days. I loved eggs too. Weird. Being preggo just makes a woman's body want the weirdest things.

: Jacob. Poor 'ole pup. :

(can you tell I'm Team Edward? lol.)

: One of my favorite parts of the book, and one of my favorites in the movie...I'm sure. Where Alice is prepping Bella for her wedding. To Edward. AAH! :

.Ok. I'm done. Gosh I feel better! *smiles*