.Game Day.

.Game Day Colors - GO SEAHAWKS!.

.EJ getting crafty.

I wanted to do something special for my boys this year for Valentine's Day. I found this little idea on Pinterest {where else? lol}. I will give them a little wrapped goodie every day from February 1st through February 14th. So excited to surprise them!

.Popcorn "Just wanted to POP over and say Happy Valentine's Day", "You are my HEART Valentine" and "Put Me in a ZOO cuz I'm "crackers" about you!". Popcorn, Sweethearts, and Animal crackers all wrapped up in Red/White bakers twine.

.Mini Banana Cream Pies in the works.

.I used Banana Cream Pudding mix (Jello Brand, but you could use any brand).

.Coming along great - I'll add cool whip right before they are ready to be eaten.

.Cheese Dip - online it is called Neiman Marcus Dip.

.Shredded Cheddar, Mayo, bacon bits, (green onions but I didn't have any so I used onion powder) and slivered almonds.

.Pinterest has loads of available print outs for pretty much anything. I printed these little beauties for Super Bowl Sunday!.
Not to mention I didn't take photos of the meatballs or kielbasa in the crock pot or the veggies, dip, or chips and other things I'm working on today.
I woke up this morning to 1 - 2 inches of snow on the ground and then freezing rain and sleet. Makes for an interesting day. I passed on Sunday services since I still felt a little ill from yesterday's stomach bug that hit my body. I must say though, it is nice to relax after a full week of lessons and errands.
I am sitting on the couch with my youngest while my oldest is out at Mamaw's for the weekend. I decided to watch "Little Women". It makes me feel full of joy when I watch movies like this. So ready for a day of relaxation with my family. Life is a blessing. It is a gift. Each day. A gift.

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