homeschoolers don't get 'snow days'

fruit salad
Ah. Winter. I love a good snow storm. We have about 5-6 inches here in South East Ohio and I'm honestly loving every single inch. I'm not much for the frigid temps though. Local schools have been off all week and looks like they will more than likely be out again tomorrow. -25-30 wind chill doesn't sound that appealing when you have to drop your kids off or wait for the bus.
We however, don't get snow days in this house. Homeschoolers unite! lol. It honestly doesn't phase me one bit. We wake up when we want (most of the time it is by 7:30 anyway), we don't have to rush to get to school and I don't have to leave at 2:30 to pick my kids up. I'm not all for a rushed lifestyle these days. I've had my fill of that over the past 10 years. Time to relax.
Today consisted of a Math Live Lesson at 9am for my oldest. They are learning about Centimeters this week (among other measurements/units). He loves getting to pull out his ruler and measure random stuff in the house. He also had a test in Language Arts that consisted of 25 questions and I'm proud to say he only missed one question. Proud Mama right here! So now it is snack time and the kids are enjoying some fresh fruit salad. A mix of banana, strawberries, and apples. No sugar, no syrups, just naked fruit. Just the way we like it. The best way in my opinion (definitely the healthiest).
Now off to tackle my chore list for today. I suggest using Pinterest for chore lists. It has saved me so many stressful tears. I knock down 3-4 simple chores each day that make my routine so much easier. Today - dusting furniture, light vacuum, and wash the dark clothes. I think I can handle that.

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