Satisfaction Guaranteed?

We aren't always guaranteed satisfaction in life. As a matter of fact, more than likely we won't be satisfied with any given thing in a days time. We have moments of contentment, but after a while, anxiety sets in, annoyance, aggravation, complaining, something of the sort. A day in the life of a Mom is one of crazy mornings, short afternoons and long drawn out bedtimes. Am I right? But the one good thing is...there is always tomorrow. There is SO much hope in the mornings. You know? I feel liberated in the mornings. At first, I'm cranky as all get out. My kids call me a bear in the mornings. My husband calls me his little monster. Ha! Yeah...this Momma needs her coffee and quiet time from about 7 am to 8:15 before I'm all bright eyed and bushy tailed. So here's to a wonderful day - whether you are crafting with your kiddo's today, running errands, or just lounging on the couch watching reruns of Friends. Put your feet up, sip some coffee {or a smoothie} and just snuggle up with this beautiful day God has given you.

Hello Thursday - you are going to be beautiful!

{After a very busy holiday season that included many Christmas events, parties, and gift giving, we also had a MOVE. New real estate venture well on the way...yes it is a fixer upper but we are enjoying it very much! Did I mention we also snuck up to a cabin in the mountains for Christmas week? Oh yeah...we did that. {giggles} It was something on my bucket list, and by golly I got my Christmas wish! Cabin in the mountains? Check. Snow? Check. Happy snuggles? Check.}

{Evidence below}

{our sweet E.J.}

{Hard to believe this boy will be 8 in July! Where does the time go?}

{R.A. & E.J.}
[Deep Creek, Maryland]

{The beautiful yard beside our cabin}
[We had no snow until Christmas Eve, it was totally perfect!]

{Swallow Falls, Maryland}

{Swallow Falls, Maryland}

{Me & my babe}
[This year we are celebrating 10 years of marriage! Oh how time has flown!]
I wish you all a happy Thursday!

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