.Historic Valentine's Getaway.

This year Valentine's Day was pretty perfect. I had no plans whatsoever, and I pretty much thought my husband had the same idea. I was wrong. He totally surprised me with an overnight stay at a local historic hotel. The whole bit. Lunch at a quaint little deli, deluxe suite (that someone actually died in. seriously. no joke. a woman hung herself on the bedposts), champagne, roses, Holls chocolates (a local delight) and a fabulous dinner for two. We had the lamb. Did I mention that my hubby treated me to their spa for a 1 hour massage? Oh yeah. That happened. It was a true treat! I feel so refreshed and rejuvenated! However, this cough and cold has kicked my butt since Saturday night...so I hope to kick it soon so I can be on the mend once again. *sigh* But as for now I'm enjoying this...

Let it Snow

.Valentine's Day outfit.

.The new quilt my Momma made for me.

.Had to get a little trim (evened up my neck/back and thinned out top).
Hair growth...I loathe you.

.The Blennerhassett Hotel.
According to the staff, a woman and her husband were celebrating their wedding night here many years ago and they had an argument. The husband went downstairs and the wife stayed in the room. He came back up to apologize but when he walked in he found that she had hung herself to the bedposts at the foot of the bed. There are still marks on the top of the posts. Very creepy. I'm glad I didn't find out about this till after we slept there. Even though, I was up all night with a migraine and I didn't notice anything. Then again, I know my Heavenly Father was and is always watching over me. It was a very lovely room and we had a very nice stay. I highly recommend this hotel to anyone visiting the historic Parkersburg, WV downtown area.

Champagne anyone?

.Do you wanna build a snowman?.

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