{saturday fun & cinnamon swirl bread}

{cinnamon swirl bread}

Today is perhaps one of my favorite days. Ever. Aahh. Saturdays are simply the best.

  • Husband is home all weekend.

  • He helps take care of my 3 year old while I am on newborn duty. ;)

  • We pick up the 5 for $20 from Blockbuster.

  • Eat pizza.

  • Cuddle on the couch all day.

  • Sort through the many loads of laundry.

  • Never look at the clock.

Tomorrow I will make my cinnamon swirl loaf.

{on to another subject}

- baby food diet -

Alot of you have probably heard of the 'baby food diet' that Jennifer Aniston supposedly went on to 'cleanse' her body of all the junk and nasties. Well, I even read in a baby magazine that I recently received in the mail, that a Daddy (one of the editors in the magazine) decided to try it out for a week. Here is the gist:

  • Eat 14 jars of Gerber baby food each day for 7 days.

  • Eat a regular size dinner - drink your normal 6-8 glasses (8 oz.) of fluids/day.

At the end of 48 hours this guy lost 5 lbs. After the last day, day seven, he had lost a total of 6-8 lbs.

I am personally trying this out for 3 days just to see if I feel better. Cleansed, so to speak. We will see what happens. Good thing is, the baby food tastes great! I love the fruits and oatmeals they now provide. ;) I would never dream of doing this as a 'lifestyle', however, as a monthly cleanse...I think it is a wise thing to do...and it gets your digestive system working properly if not already. (works pretty much like eating Activia once a day.)

Here we go!


  1. Oh my gosh...14 jars of baby food a day! Wow, that is a lot. I haven't tried any baby food recently, although I'll be finding out what it tastes like soon enough! Good luck with the "cleanse."

  2. Yeah, it sounds like alot - but it does taste great! And - I honestly don't even feel hungry after eating it. ;) Thanks!