{mommy must-haves}

{mommie's must-haves}

[idea from: shannanigans]

.boppy pillow.

I use this to breastfeed, bottle feed, and just to have my little E.J. lounge.

.Dr. Brown's bottles.

I absolutely love these! They don't make bubbles - and it really helps reduce colic and gas. I actually stir my formula in the water with a spoon, then let it sit with the lid and cap on for just a minute to let it all settle (to reduce air/bubbles). (if I do see bubbles, I open up lid, then replace it...and let it sit for a minute then feed E.J.)

.Boppy Bouncer.

I love this! Couldn't do without it. (well I probably could, but wouldn't want to.) It has vibrations and music. E.J. loves sitting in it during the day. :)

.Lansinoh Nursing Pads.

I will only buy the lansinoh brand. I have tried a few others, and they just soak through too quickly, or they stick to my nipples. Let me tell you - that is NO picnic. Uggh.

.Avent bottle sterilizer.

I also have Avent bottles, so I use this sterilizer for those bottles. All I do is rinse them out after a feeding (using my bottle brush of course), then pop them in the sterilizer with 7 oz. of water in the bottom, pop it in the microwave for 2 minutes and VOILA. Sterilzed bottles. ;)

.Avent Bottle/Food Warmer.

I love this product! Plug it in. Turn knob to #3. Have water no higher than milk in bottle, and in about 2 minutes I have a warm bottle of milk! :) One happy momma.

.Avent Pacifiers.

These are great - and they are 'simply cute'. :) I also think they are the best because they come with plastic cover caps. ;) I have many other 'must-haves', but for some reason I am unable to load the pictures on my page properly and it takes me forever to get them aligned properly. But the items include:

    Vera Bradley 'purple punch' diaper bag.

    Carter's sleepers.

    Carter's two piece clothing sets.

    Cloth diapers (I use these tucked inside my maternity bra while I am bf-ing. It eleminates leakage onto my clothes.)


    Gerber cloth burp cloths. (just like the cloth diapers - love them.)

    Huggies Little Snugglers size NB.

    Purell Hand Sanitizer.

    What are some of your 'must-haves' for your kiddos?

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