Today has perhaps, been the best day I have had in a long time. My children didn't wake me up until 8 a.m. . I am usually up around 6:30 or 7 all on my own. So this was a treat. *smiles* I started to do my daily/normal routine when all of a sudden I thought - "Why don't I do something different today. Be crazy and lazy. Don't worry about FB, email, or my blog. Forget the chores for a while. Why not?"

So - first things first. Shower. (literally a 3 minute shower considering my newborn was crying his eyes out because he was hungry and I still had to sanitize all of his bottles. *sigh*) Dry hair. Change E.J.'s diaper, clothes, and sanitize/fix bottle. Get R.A. changed and breakfast. Bring it upstairs so we can chill up there for a while. Finish watching "The Duchess" while feeding E.J. . Fold 2 baskets of laundry. Put folded laundry away. Clean out t.v. stand. (what a mess. uggh.) Sort through all Gerber Graduate items and stock 'em away in closet. (all were on sale at my Market this past week. Puffs, Crunchies, Teething biscuits, and Arrowroot cookies each only $1.00!!) If you are a mom of a sitting baby/toddler you know how much these cost regular price!! Figured I'd get a jump on things since they are good till 2013!! *winks*) Mopped bathroom floor. Took out bathroom trash. Straightened hair. (did all of these while E.J. was napping after his bottle. *wink*) Popped in "Toy Story III" and "Veggie Tales Jonah" for R.A. while mommy did all of this. Sorted dirty clothes. Made the beds. Played with E.J. and his baby toys, it is amazing how responsive he is already! He loves looking at each item I pull out and he really acts like he is listening. *grins*

{moves downstairs}

Wash bottles. Sanitize bottles. Clean countertops. (E.J. is in his bouncer at this point. R.A. is listening to Christmas music in the LR.) Fix lunch. Today was lean cuisine lasagna and salad for mommy - a ham and cheese lunchable for R.A.. Pop laundry in the washer. Check FB. Check email. Pop laundry in the dryer - put another in the wash. Take out trash to dumpster. Check blog. Oh wait - here we are at this very second! ;) I just love my days with my boys. I have found that if I simply put them first at all times - I get soooo much more done that way. *winks* I think now my days are going to be upstairs first half - and downstairs second half. It makes it easier on mommy at night - that way when I head upstairs at bedtime, I'm not stuck with folding, sorting, and putting away a ton of launry, cleaning, and showering. *whew*

What a relaxing day. Today truly is a great day. Thank you Lord for your many blessings.



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