Life or Death? Phone Hacker

Ok. So I know the title of my blog post is sort of 'weird'. But I thought it appropriate for today. I recently got a new phone from my hubby for Mother's Day. *yay* It is a Kyocera Echo from Sprint. Well, it is pretty amazing, to say the least. However, we added a line, so I got rid of my old phone and number. So, now I have a new phone AND number.

I have had the new phone for a few days. Today, I get texts from a distant/out of state number. They think I am someone they know, when in fact, I have no clue who they are. I tell them all of this. Stating, that "I got a new phone and number, so I am not the person you are looking for." They were insistant that I was this other person. Saying things like, "Your so-and-so...don't lie." Then it went further and further to things like this, "Well, I know where you live and I know your email account, you are signed in right now". And I was. This really freaked me out.

Then it went on to, "Well, If you aren't so-and-so, then who are you?" I obviously said, "I won't continue this conversation and I don't give out personal information to complete strangers." So then, this person said, "Just give me your first name." You can guess the rest...it kept going...until I finally stopped repeating myself of my usual response, "This is not who you think it is, you have the wrong person, and number...please stop texting me."

It got so bad, that I had to call the police. They are on it now, and I am to stay in my house, doors and windows locked, and don't answer the door to anyone I don't know. At all. If someone comes to the door that I don't know, and they are insisting upon coming in...then I am to call back to 911 immediately. I have a gun (well, it is my husband's), and a tire pole that my dad used to have when he drove truck forever ago...so I have self defense if someone breaks in and tries to hurt me or my children.

I know God will protect me and my children. I am asking for prayer though - I can't imagine anyone seriously trying to go through with something like that...but with all of the t.v. out there and things...it wouldn't surprise me.

This being said, apparently, after talking to the police, and others...even regular folks, that know what they are doing...can 'hack' into your cell phone....and find out what your email account is, and possibly even your location...the more 'apps' and things the easier it is. Like, 'people' and 'places' and where you shop...things like that. and when your number is coming up on someone's cell or id...they can track the number to your state...obviously...and then go from there. Some then go to Facebook, and blogs...and literally 'hunt' you down.

I am not saying that this will be done to me...or anyone out there. But I am saying watch out. Because I didn't see this sort of thing happening to me...and it did. What I thought was someone just texting 'the wrong person'...turned out to be someone prying out information from me...and insisting I was an email hacker, and that I could 'go to jail' and that this person wanted to 'come over and talk'....turned out to be one of the scariest moments in my life.

Let me tell you, especially if you have kids, you will do anything to protect them. So, even if this turns out to be some idiot trying to scare the crazy out of me...then atleast I can say I did what I had to to protect my family. Like calling 911 seemed silly to me, then the Police Officer said, "This is not silly at all." So, don't ever think ANYTHING is too silly...when in doubt...just CALL. Trust me, they would rather you call, then to not, and have someone raid your house, and God forbid, kill your entire household...because you didn't feel like it was 'important'. Call. Just do it.

So, please protect yourself...make sure your privacy settings on your E-mail, Cell phone, home phone, and other things....are protected with passwords, and etc...make sure you go the extra mile! Because...

..... it could be your life.

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