Breaking Dawn BABY!

Okay. So I about DIED when I found out that Summit officially released photos/stills of "Breaking Dawn: Part I"!!! Could I be any more excited? Heck yes! You just wait till November...my best friend and I will be FIRST in line...okay, maybe not first, but we will be hours early and we will have advance tickets like, 3 months ahead, just like last summer. lol.

Without further or do...


(for those who DON'T want to know what is going on until they SEE it. don't scroll down. lol.)

: need I say more? :


: AAH! The egg breakfast. *sigh* I remember those days. I loved eggs too. Weird. Being preggo just makes a woman's body want the weirdest things.

: Jacob. Poor 'ole pup. :

(can you tell I'm Team Edward? lol.)

: One of my favorite parts of the book, and one of my favorites in the movie...I'm sure. Where Alice is prepping Bella for her wedding. To Edward. AAH! :

.Ok. I'm done. Gosh I feel better! *smiles*

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  1. YAY!!! Oh happiness!! Thank you for the spoiler, I am team Edward too ;)