Broken Trust

How can a person tear your heart to shreds. Glue it back together. Rip it open. Sew it back. Hammer it to pieces. Mend it. Then set it on fire and burn it to ash. AGAIN?

I don't get it.

I try to understand. My life feels so out of step. I just don't know what to do next.

The Lord is helping me. Guiding me. I have forgiven when forgiveness isn't deserved.

I didn't 'deserve' forgiveness from Jesus...but he died for me anyway and forgave me.

I am trying to be more like Christ. I pray He will continue to help me along this horrific path I am on.

Give me light, Oh Lord!


  1. Hope you are doing okay...my prayers have been with you. I hope you make it through this tough time soon!!

  2. I'm doing the best I can, considering the circumstances. I truly appreciate you for your prayers! Thank you so much. I know in time, God will bring peace and healing.