Happy (belated) 25th Birthday Robert Pattinson!

: Happy Birthday to Rob! :

Okay. So today was pretty spectacular. My best friend and I had our 'girl's day' out and we shopped till we dropped...literally. We ate some great food at Chick-fil-A. And watched one of my favorite movies, "Water for Elephants". *smiles* Today has been wonderful.

I also found some great deals at AE. I got a mini skirt, tank, v-neck tee, 6 pieces of jewelry, and a bottle of perfume, for $40! (I had a 40% off coupon for my entire purchase, and the jewelry was 3 for $15!! Super deal!!

After our movie, we went home...I thought it was going to be rough. But things are good. For right now atleast. *smiles* Hubby, myself, and boys watched some of Disney's "The Aristocats" and enjoyed some pizza and chips. 20 minutes into the movie and both boys were out asleep. lol. So, they got to bed around 7:30. *smiles*

Mommy and Daddy had some 'alone time'. Thank GOD!

Watched the finale of "The Vampire Diaries" on my DVR...aah...I can't wait till Season 2 is out on dvd! Aah!

Okay...so what are you all doing this weekend? Tomorrow, we plan on staying HOME and resting for a change. Lounging the entire day. We need a break. A break from running all the time. So, we will enjoy our day tomorrow.

'Night ya'll!

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