A Charlottesville Dream

So, this past weekend was my husband's, friends' ...wedding.

I needed a dress. And shoes. And jewelry. And a clutch.

This momma doesn't do fancy very much. So I splurged. *smiles*

My $40 dress from dressbarn

$30 stillettos from charlotte russe

The entry way at Sonja's guest house

(it blew my mind that this was 'just' the guest house. lol.)

Some of the landscaping near the entry way of the house.

The back deck off of the guest house.

(if you look toward the trees in the back of the picture, there are tables set up - that was the bar. we enjoyed the finest champagne, red and white wines, beer, and a lovely cheese and fruit array.)

A. J. and R.

So without a doubt...we had a fabulous time in Virginia. There was so much more that you can't see in these pics...but I have more...but no time to really sit down and 'blog' about it. It was a once-in a lifetime experience...that is for sure.

I am so excited, I made two new girlfriends who have gone or are going through alot of the same stuff I am right now... I really needed this past weekend. Thank you Lord for Your blessings. They always come unexpectedly...*smiles*

Some of my weekend favorites:

  • Trying duck for the first time.

  • Trying lamb for the first time.

  • Drinking a 'real' (expensive) glass of white wine.

  • Drinking a 'real' (expensive) glass of red wine.

  • Drinking exquisite champagne with raspberries.

  • Making some great friends and relationships.

  • Bumping elbows with Dames knighted by the Queen, embassadors, CEO's, and the like...

Yep. That pretty much sums it up. lol.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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