Seussical Breakfast

{Green Eggs & Turkey Bacon}
: Dr. Seuss inspired breakfast :
Green scrambled eggs (green food coloring), turkey bacon, and toast with apple butter.

: R.A. :
Well, we are on the mend - but not too much better. I am feeling alot better. E.J. and R.A., however, are still feeling very 'under the weather'. *pouts* They both still have the cough, sneezing, and runny nose. *sigh* I am hoping they both get over this very soon. Prayers would be appreciated. *smiles*
Things I am looking forward to this week:
  1. St. Patrick's Day. {we will be making cute little sugar cookies.}
  2. Mommie's Group. {if we aren't still sick. uggh.}
  3. Hearing back from our house inspection.
  4. {this already happened, but I'm putting on here anyway...} Picking out paint colors, carpet, hardwood, and more...from Home Depot. *smiles*
  5. A friends' St. Patties Day party this coming weekend. Yay for parties!

Is there anything you all are looking forward to this week? Please share! :)



  1. Hello! Hope you all feel better soon, my daughter is now sick and I started allergy season :(
    This week I hope to finish some new items for my Etsy shop and get out of the house a bit!!!
    Thanks for stopping by and for your sweet comment on my diaper cakes! Take care, Veronica

  2. Yay for #4...we're dealing with the same thing :)