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Yesterday our Mommies Group at our church celebrated St. Patrick's Day a little early. We all wore green and brought something green for our prize drawing. We had our devotion and then we made a craft. Well, we took it home to make, but we did the craft all the same. *winks* It was a shamrock that you cut out, and then you cut out the seperate 3 hearts that say, 'Father', 'Son', and 'Holy Spirit'. R.A. traced the words with his green crayon, and then we colored the hearts red. We then glued the 3 hearts onto the shamrock. It was really cute. I left it at my mom's house, but when I get it back I'll take a picture of it for ya. *winks* After craft time, we enjoyed some tasty 'green' St. Patrick's day treats. The spread included, green grapes, green chocolate covered pretzels (used food coloring), green goldfish, green cereal loops (apple jacks), and rice krispie treats. We had a blast - us mommies - and our kiddo's. I took some pics - obviously. lol. We went out to eat afterwards for Chick-Fil-A (my favorite 'fast-food' place). I had the 'chargrilled chicken garden salad' with fat free honey mustard dressing and a Diet Dr. Depper. I got R.A. Burger King, just because he loves the apple fries and they had the new "Rango" toys. *smiles* I love Johnny Depp. He's hilarious. lol. We finished up and then we went home.

After group, we ventured over to Mamaw and Papaw's house. Since both boys fell asleep in the car on the drive home from group, I figured, "Why not stop by mamaw and papaw's?". *smiles* We spent a few hours there and killed some time before we had to leave for church. R.A. picked out Mamaw's silver bowl (as always. lol.), a wooden spoon, and went at it. *laughs* We had fun putting together the "McDonald Fun Times" puzzle that Mamaw got him the other day. We played with puzzles, bowls, and flashlights until we were tired...then we got freshened up and hit the road for church.

: R.A. and his friend from church. :

: E.J. :

: My little bundle of joy. :
Do any of you fellow mommies out there have a group at your local church or community that you attend? If so, do you like it? What sort of things do you and your kiddo's do?
I love to hear your comments! :)

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