Canning Day - Chili

: Step 1 :
Wash Jars. Brown Ground Beef. Re-read Recipe.

: Step 2 :
Set out tools. Continue to brown the rest of the ground beef. Sweat onions. Add peppers to onions and cook for 3-4 minutes. Add to ground beef. Add 5 cans diced tomatoes. Add 2 large cans tomato juice. Add 2 small cans tomato paste. Salt. Cumin Seed. Chili Powder. Dash of Cayenne Pepper. Freshly minced garlic. Stir. Cook 20 minutes.

: Step 3 :

Fill canner with 2 inches of water. Boil. Add jars. Place lid on canner. Tighten. Wait (and watch temperature gage) for 1 hr. 20 minutes. Turn off fire/heat. Set on different burner to cool. Let rest 2-4 hours. Take off lid, take jars out. Let cool 2 - 3 hours. Write date (month and year) on jar or lid. Place in pantry.


: E.J. :

Check out this hail storm we had today, here in Ohio. We were under a Tornado watch all day - and a Severe Thunderstorm warning. We got hail the size of marbles - and someone sent in a photo to our local news studio - he had a golf ball in his right hand and a hail ball in the other. Same size! Glad those didn't come near our place...my car would have been totalled!
Did you all receive any hail? Tornado's? Anything?

Anyone canning this spring? I believe I will be doing Apple Sauce next week. *smiles*

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