something old - something new

Aah. Well yesterday was a pretty busy day. Not only did me and my guys {hubs & son} spend the day together in town, I also came back home to work on my newest project. I started with a walnut/oak Jenny Lind changing table and came out with a freshly spray-painted, white table. It still needs another coat...but I ran out of paint and I have been too tired to run out and get another bottle. Being almost 8 months preggo and dealing with 100 degree heat do not mix. I repeat - do not mix. So hear is what it looks like. For now. ;)

I know the shelves look funny...but for some reason the paint didn't want to stick to it like I thought it would. It is made of a different material...not wood...more like...'fiber board' maybe? Not sure. Hoping that another can will do the trick. If not, then for the shelves I will just put down a layer of white rubber shelf paper.

.next project.
I believe my next project is going to be my living room. I am in desperate need of some new interior design in this room. {sitting in my rocker in living room as I type.} What exactly do I need to get it done - hmm. A few things. They include:
  • Tan/Light Brown slipcover for my couch. {currently primitive stripes}
  • Art/Decor for 2 walls.
  • 2 medium size table lamps. {modern}
  • Handmade {by me, possibly} fabric end table covers.
  • Wicker baskets (2-3) for my entertainment unit. {I store my son's toys inside.}

*hoping to get this done by November. At least. Whew. We shall see...


  1. I love rehabbing furniture like this! Amazing what a coat of paint can do, isn't it? Looks great! Good luck with the rest of your projects too!

  2. Me too - isn't it fun? :) Yes - a coat of paint can go a LONG way! ha ha. Thank you so much!