"Kitchen Monday"

So...today is the start of my 'daily-scheduled' cleaning week. Today I started with the kitchen. *whew* I am so tired. I just finished up. I must say I have got to be in 'nesting' mode or something. lol. I usually clean every other day at our apartment. Lately however...I have felt the need to 'super' clean the entire place! ha ha. I have decided to make a list for the entire week. Here is what today looked like. {I will update every day to show exactly what I did each day.}

Kitchen Monday:
  1. Clean out refrigerator.

  2. Scrub & sanitize countertops.

  3. Organize drawers & clean/sanitize them.

  4. Wipe out & sanitize cabinet shelves.

  5. Clean and sanitze toaster.

  6. Clean stove.

  7. Clean microwave inside & out. {tip: take 1 c. hot water, place in microwave and heat for 2 - 3 minutes. open microwave door, then immediately shut it. let cup of water sit inside for 10 minutes - then remove cup of water, and wipe down inside with paper towels.} {also - it is a good idea to wash the glass round plate first in your sink, dry it, and then do the above instructions.}

  8. Sweep & mop floors.

We have a simple little apartment - but I love it. Kitchen is smaller than I would like, but the bedrooms and living room size make up for it. ;) Well, I am absolutely exhausted now. I think I will take a little cat nap on the couch. Tomorrow is 'Dining Room' Tuesday. I am excited to clean out the coat closets. It seems that the one closet always catches the junk. {ex. yard sale stuff, sewing kit, scrapbooking supplies, board games, gift bags, 'go green' re-usable grocery bags, etc...} In short - too much stuff. It will be good to have that room clean. Good bye for now.

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