LR - Master BR - Kids Room - CoMpLeTe

Okay. So I have been a pretty busy beaver the past few days. lol. Yesterday was supposed to just be 'Dining Room Tuesday'. It actually turned into 'Dining Room & Living Room Tuesday'. ha ha. I didn't take pictures of the living room. It does look pretty awesome, however. I just didn't get around to taking pictures of that room. Today was supposed to be 'Master Bedroom & Bath Wednesday'...and you guessed it...I had to do more than one room. lol. It was calling out to me...the kid's room...it was saying..."Clean me too!". ha ha. So - - today I organized, sanitized, and thoroughly cleaned the Master Bedroom, Master Bath, & the Kid's room. {I didn't take pictures of the bathroom...I may do that later. I still have towels hanging up and the floor was still wet in there. So...more pics from that later.} Here are some things I did in the rooms:

  1. Vacuumed each room.
  2. Moved furniture & vacuumed under everything.
  3. Windexed windows & mirrors.
  4. Dusted each room.
  5. Cleaned out & organized each closet. (which was alot considering our Master alone has 3 HUGE closets. And the Kid's room has 2 HUGE closets.)
  6. Organized toys in Kid's room.
  7. Swept & mopped bathroom floor.
  8. Sanitized and cleaned bathroom sink & toilet.
  9. Sorted laundry for each room.
  10. Emptied bathroom trash.
  11. {still have yet to scrub down shower/bath tub}
  12. {this afternoon will consist of organizing 'underneath' the bathroom sink.}

1. Baby and munchkin are going to share a closet.

2. My 3 year old's 'birth' day items. Includes: lamby, piggy bank, first curl, first tooth, tooth bank, Precious Moments train {which btw: I still need to get his 2 year and 3 year sets *sigh*}, and his baby bunny bootie musical figurine.

3. CARS wall decor {my son loves Lightning McQueen.}, his Amish rocking chair, and his froggy potty.

1. CARS wall decor, his dresser, toddler bed, and his bucket of blocks.
2. Changing table for our new baby boy due this Fall. {art on wall is out of a Martha Stewart magazine.}

1. Stars & moon mobile found at T.J. Maxx for $5. Crib found at yard sale for $40 {mattress included}.
2. Leaf wall decor {removable} found at yard sale for .25 cents. Changing table project {see how that worked out on my older posts here on my blog.} I am still working on finding 4-8 white wicker baskets with either white OR sage liners somewhere...for the bottom 2 shelves.

1 - 3 = photos out of a Martha Stewart magazine that I cropped and framed for our Master Bedroom. I love the color scheme!

I absolutely LOVE hydrangeas! :)

1. Baby bassinett for new baby's arrival.
2. Nightstand in our bedroom. {yes that is MY 'Hello Kitty' tea cup alarm clock.} I adore Hello Kitty. ;)
1. Our Master Bedroom {bedding is from JC Penney. Wall art found at T.J. Maxx for around $15. Lamp - Wal*Mart $8.97. I adore this color scheme in our room! Chocolate and blue! :)
*sigh* well - one more thing accomplished today. I feel pretty good. Now to relax for a bit with some juice, then to hit up the Master bathroom to scrub down the shower/tub and organize the under storage below the sink. Gotta get all of this finished in time to get a shower and head to church!! AAHH!


  1. i feel worthless after reading all that you've done!! i make my bed in the mornings and call it good! haha - looks like you have a beautiful home though!

  2. Aww - don't say that. lol. I get bored alot. I can't stand to sit still. ha ha. I pretty much clean every day, but I am a stay at home mom, so I guess I just feel like I have to do it. lol. Thank you sweetie - our apartment is small. simple. practical. but we love it. I will be happy however, when one day in the next 5 years hopefully, to say I own my own home. :)