Dining Room Tuesday

Today was 'Dining Room Tuesday around here. My mission: to completely clean, sanitize, and organize my dining room. Here is what I accomplished:
  1. Cleaned & organized Hutch. {inside and out}
  2. Vacuumed carpet & 'shoe' rug.
  3. Emptied closets, organized, vacuumed, dusted, & filled stuff back in.
  4. Washed down kitchen table & dusted chairs. {febreezed cushions as well.}
  5. Alphabetized DVD's.
  6. Windex-ed windows & mirrors.
  7. Dusted blinds.
  8. Swept off front porch & watered flowers in flower pots.
  9. Organized hall closet.
  10. Swept 1/2 bathroom floors & mopped them.
  11. Cleaned toilet & sink in 1/2 bath.
  12. Organized medicine cabinet in 1/2 bath.
  13. Emptied trash in 1/2 bath.
  14. Vacuumed stairs.

{above left} Coat closet - diaper bag, basket filled with my son's summer shoes, basket filled with gloves, hats, caps, hand sanitizer, lotion, and a lint roller. {above right} mini broom, husband's running/walking shoes and 'loafers'.

{above left} 'junk' closet - includes games, art work & supplies, scrapbook supplies, gift bag/wrap box, bin full of maternity clothes I am currently borrowing from a friend at church, bags full of stuff I am getting rid of at a yard sale I plan to have in September, sewing bag, eco-friendly 'green' bags, etc...{above right} games, art work & supplies, gifts for friends, wedding scrapbook.

{above left} DVD shelf (alphabetized) with my willow tree figurines and Longaberger. {above right} Wall decor & my wonderful yard sale find of the summer, an Eddie Bauer wooden high chair with all the bells and whistles ($15).

My front window. Valance found at yard sale for .25 cents.

{above left} Our 'shoe' rug. No shoes on the carpet in this girlie's apartment. ;) {above right} Kitchen table - decorated with my Longaberger salt and pepper shakers and cream and sugar set.

{above left} Hutch (middle section) {above right} trash can, hutch, and wall decor.
Dining Room - I love my hutch. :)
I feel so much better when things are spotless!


  1. You have indeed been busy! I wish I was organized...

  2. LOL. I try to be. Having a 3 year old and being 29 weeks pregnant makes it hard. I'm usually not this 'crazy'. ha ha. I think I'm 'nesting'. :)

  3. Wow, you've been busy!! By the way, I love your yellow stove. I may or may not be slightly obsessed with the color yellow lately!!

  4. Ha ha. Yeah - our apartment doesn't exactly have 'updated' appliances. lol. I know what you mean...I usually hate yellow. Especially if I'm wearing it. But lately, I LOVE it. :) thanks for your comment sweetie!