.snowpocolypse 2015.

Winter Wonderland
So you have probably seen the #THOR all over television. If you haven't, you either A. Have been living under a rock for the past week or B. You live in Florida or California. I must say I am over Winter, however I have been waiting YEARS for a snow like this. I haven't seen this much snow in our town since 1993. I was a little girl and we had 24". Today we topped out at around 14". We have been blessed to have kept our power and water on, as most of the surrounding areas are without both. Prayers for those folks tonight! It is supposed to be -8 degrees tonight (that is NOT including the wind chill)! My hubs got a day off at the office, as he closed both down. Safety comes first, and no one should be driving out in this. WV is under a state of emergency due to flooding and also the snow. Our county is at a level 2 snow emergency which means, if you don't have to be out...don't. We enjoyed our day at home though.
Daddy and his little champ
We spent our day doing lessons, reading, building all sorts of things with Legos, reading Lego magazines (seriously their favorite piece of mail all month, and only piece usually, I might add), and watching cartoons. The snow stopped around 1 pm so we ventured outside to play in the white fluffy stuff! The boys had a blast! These moments are so precious and they fly by far too fast.
Where's my car?
This gives you an idea of how much snow we had. This picture was taken before the snow stopped, so there was even more on top of this. From upstairs on our deck, you couldn't even tell there was a car down there. Ha! Talk about a lot of snow! Well, a lot for our area at least. We aren't used to this much snow. 3-6 inches, maybe. But 14? Nope. Not used to that. I love it! So pretty! We are lucky to only be a block away from the local pizza joint. They delivered us a couple delicious pizza's for dinner! It was greatly appreciated and of course we tipped well.
Of course Mommy had her fill for the day too. I spent my day doing chores (as usual) and taking care of the house. Honestly, how in the world does the laundry keep piling up?!?! It never ends. Ever. I do love cleaning though, I almost take pride in it. It makes me feel like I accomplished something. Today I did one load of laundry, 2 loads of dishes (need to get on the third), cooked breakfast from scratch, and lunch then sorted and cleaned toys. Sometimes I do this in sweats and a t-shirt. And no make up. But today, even though I knew I couldn't go anywhere and I had no real 'reason' to get dressed up, I put on some jeans and a cute blouse and sweater. I put on make up, some cute accessories and did the chores. There is just something about being dolled up and putting on a few accessories that can make pretty much any chore so much more fun! Ha Ha! Yeah...I'm a little crazy. But that's okay.
Laundry, how I loathe you...
.but at least I can do it in style. bahahaha.

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