Little of This and That

So - yeah - I got my hair cut a few weeks ago. I like it. *smiles*

It has been extremely hot around here. Obviously. However, this week it has been abnormally cool. Hmm. I like it. *winks*

I took R.A. to our local Coke Museum and Fountain Shop. He loved his 'my size' cherry coke.

E.J. brushing his teeth for the first time. *tear* He has 6 teeth now! Crazy stuff!

So, unfortunately I got a cold last Saturday...and I have been pampering myself with tissues, lotion, chicken noodles soup, blankets, and hot green tea with honey and fresh lemon. *smiles* yum!

I am honestly glad summer is coming to an end. Today, I took a deep breath...that smell...and the look of the sky, and the way the grass and trees looked...you can just tell Fall is just around the corner. *smiles* I am so excited for pumpkins, leaves, mums, and hot apple cider! Whoot!

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