Twilight Birthday Party

{My Birthday Cake}

Long time no blog! Wow! Sorry for the lack of updates. Alot has happened in my life lately. I am learning to spend more time with my family. My husband is back in my life and we couldn't be better - thanks to all of the prayers from our family, friends, and church family. (and fellow bloggers - you know who you are. *winks*) We have hosted my 24th birthday party at our apartment, went to a Kansas concert, and visited our local County Fair. *smiles*

We have been plenty busy, that's for sure. In the mean time I am dealing with a health problem. Doctors think it is Lupus. I see a Rheumatologist later this month. Prayers would be appreciated. But I am feeling great today - and that is what I am focusing on now.

We are in the process of buying a house as well. It is beautiful and it is perfect for us. We meet with the people at the bank in a week or so. It is really just up to them, because my husband knows the lady that is selling the house, and she is offering it to us for 30 k LESS than what it is on the market for. So it is up to the bank to decide if we are 'allowed' to have the house. But I know that everything works together for good, for those who believe in the Lord. And I do. I know that it is in HIS timing. Not mine. So I am praying that He has His will and way. He knows we love the house - but we know that it will happen only if God thinks we are ready. :)

So anyway - I had my Twilight party! Yay! It was amazing! I will post Part II another day with more pictures of amazing party favors and decor! You won't want to miss it!!!

Hope everyone had a great summer! I know for me and our little family, we are READY for FALL! *smiles*

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