Fall is here!

Hello fellow bloggers! Sorry my posts are so far and few between. *frowns* I have been one super-busy Momma these past couple of months. Can you believe Fall is here? Already?! Wow. The summer flew by, for sure. R.A. turned 4 in July and we were going to put him in pre-k 4 but decided last minute to keep him home another year. *smiles* Kids need time to be kids. Ya know?

We have been very crafty the past few days around here. (I will post pictures soon. *winks*) I am so happy Fall is here! It is my favorite season of all! I have my Yankee Candle tart warmers runnin' full steam, baking pies, canning salsa, chili, jams, juices, and more! Gosh I love Fall! Have I mentioned that already? lol. I decorated/stenciled some pumpkins today. For the first time, I tried something new. And guess what? I loved it! (Will post pictures of those as well. *winks*)

R.A. and I made some stencil leaves on paper with colored pencils, a pine cone bird feeder, window shapes, and more! Already! And it isn't even October. *happy sigh* Also...did I mention...WE ARE IN THE PROCESS OF BUYING A HOUSE! We have been looking for the past couple of months...and well, we really like this one. *smiles* It is in the country and it is beautiful! It has soooo much room for our family of four. We need way more space than this 2 bedroom apartment is giving us. Don't get me wrong, I am very thankful to the good Lord above, that He has given us a roof over our head, food on our table, cars to drive, and clothes on all of our backs. It would just be nice to have a place for our boys to play. And room to 'roam'. Everything happens in HIS timing though. I need to keep reminding myself of that.

And...I started a new book series a month or two ago. It is by Maggie Stiefvater. I love her! First book, "Shiver". Second book, "Linger". Third book, "Forever". Amazing books! You must read them. Go on. Do it. Read it. Now! lol. Seriously though, very good books! If you like "Twilight", you will LOVE these books!

Okay...so I've rambled on enough. Will update soon. Well - I'll try atleast *winks*

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