Walt Disney World Vacation: Part II

We visited Planet Hollywood in Downtown Disney - we loved it!

Ha! R.A. was so scared of King Louis - E.J. loved him, and Louis blew lots of kisses to him.

This was by far the weirdest thing we saw at Disney. Hands down. Pretty cool, huh?
(in case you can't tell, this is a woman, her face painted green...she would hide out by the bushes, then walk over and scare the living snot out of everyone! lol.)

R.A. loved the fishies!

R. and I loved the Animal Kingdom! Aside from me gashing my thumb open, and having to be sent to First Aid center in the theme park. Yeah, aside from THAT it was great! lol.

(no stitches needed thank the Lord, but it hurt so BAD!)

More pictures to come soon, with even MORE views from The Grand Floridian Resort and Spa and Walt Disney World. *smiles*

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