{dear santa}

'Tis that time of year again. It is officially December. And what a day it was. I woke up to the snow pouring down outside - and of course I couldn't sit at home and enjoy it from my warm living room - I had to venture out and go grocery shopping & go to the doctor for my 8 week check-up. Of course. lol. Well - my entire household is sick. Well - I am better, a little. My husband is doing better...a little. ha. Our kiddos are still sick though. So I had to get vapo-steam, nasal spray, tissues, etc...at the pharmacy.

On a happier note - we all sat down as a family this evening - and our oldest (3 1/2 yrs) wrote a letter to Santa telling him exactly what he wants for Christmas. :) I absolutely love this tradition. I will scrapbook a copy for his baby book - and take the other one to the post office where they will send it off to 'Santa' for him. I love the holidays!

I am also proud of my new 'meal plan' that I have already started - didn't even wait for the new year. I am going to attempt to make more 'home-made' meals. Tonight was 'Eggplant Parmesan'. And it was wonderful - my hubby loved it too! Tomorrow is Italian Gnocci with homemade marinara. Sounds delish, if you ask me. *winks*

I have to go - my 8 week old is fussing up a storm - he has the cold bug too. Poor little guy. Watching "Scrooged" on AMC. Nighty night blogging world.


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