{Merry Christmas - long time no blog}

Well I am still alive. Ha. It seems like forever since I've blogged. I was soooo sick and tired of being sick and tired. Seriously. Our entire household had been sick since Thanksgiving up until yesterday. My hubby feels better today. First week: sore throat. Second Week: cough & congestion. Third week: a couple days of thinking we were over it and then Mr. Mucus comes for a visit. uggh. Fourth and final week: stomach flu. Yeah. Tell. Me. About. It.
We are feeling much better. I still have a little bit of mucus - but hoping it is just 'lingering' and not gonna blow up into a full Upper Respiratory Infection like before. *sigh* Me and the boys are staying home today from services while daddy goes ahead - I didn't want to risk picking up something. Again. He has to go though, he is a greeter. Anywho - today we are watching Christmas cartoons and finishing up laundry and little chores around the house. Getting ready for this week - gonna have my best friend and her girls over on Tuesday probably - along with E.J.'s 2 month check-up. So, that gives me Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday to work on baking cookies, watching movies, and sorting gifts to be wrapped on Christmas Eve.
Friday - some of my family are visiting during the day - gotta work on their treat bags. Picked up scarfs at Old Navy for my 2 nieces for $1 each!! Then popping in some oranges filled with cloves, chocolates, and other little goodies in their bags for their gift.
Christmas Eve - will include baking cookies, stringing popcorn & cranberries, making peppermint bark, wrapping presents, and watching old Christmas movies. Which of course, will include my favorite, "It's a Wonderful Life". *smiles*
CHRISTMAS DAY - gonna sleep in as long as the kids will allow us. Ha. Let them stay in their pj's and get us dressed in our 'holiday outfits' - get all 'dolled up' for the day - go downstairs and open presents, get a picture of all four of us beside the tree for our Holiday/New Years photo greeting cards, and enjoy the day with our gifts, sing Happy Birthday Jesus, eat our ham dinner and all the trimmings, and relax the rest of the day with family. *smiles BIG* I love the holidays!


  1. so glad to hear you are on the mend.

    your christmas plans sound wonderful. made perfect with watching its a wonderful life. one of my favs also!

  2. Oh yes, I love "It's a Wonderful Life". :) Hope you had a wonderful holiday!