{3 weeks}

{E J S}

{3 weeks old}

okay - so I admit. I haven't officially uploaded any 'new' pictures of my sweet little E. However, this pic was taken a few days ago - so it is close enough. ha ha. Today consisted of mommy taking big brother to our mommies group at church. He was able to Trick or Treat throughout the church offices. He absolutely loved it! He desperately needed some play time. He is still adjusting to life with a new little brother in the house. lol. He made a pumpkin craft (well - mommy made it...he 'supervised' [aka: played with play-doh while mommy did everything.] ). We ate some Chick-fil-a for lunch and then worked some puzzles and played with toys while little brother slept pretty much ALL day. (mommy will pay for that one tonight. uggh.) I worked on my devilled eggs for my Fall Party tomorrow night. Tomorrow will consist of making the Anti-pasti pull apart pizza, iced pumpkin muffins, cheddar cheese ball, and putting together my apple cider and caramel apples. Hoot hoot! I am excited! Even though a couple of my friends aren't going to be able to be there...I am sure we will all have a good time. I wish I could invite ALL of my friends...every last one. But...a 2 bedroom apartment won't allow me to do that. LOL.

currently: watching my sweet baby sleep in his bouncer...

{nighty night blogging world}

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