{mmm...pumpkin butter}

well here we are on Sunday morning, the 3rd of October. I will be 39 weeks pregnant as of Wednesday morning. I go to the doctor tomorrow to see if she will admit me then or wait until Wednesday. I have had a rough night's sleep the past few nights. wide awake with contractions. blah. so ready for my sweet baby E to arrive. =)

in the mean time, I have been baking pumpkin bread, pumpkin butter cookies, double fudge brownies, and more... I have been nesting too. it has been a little hard this week however because my best friend lost her husband to a car accident. it was a very emotional time for all of us around here. considering he was my husbands really good friend, and his wife is my best friend. since birth. I have helped watch her girls (3 yrs. and 3 mths. old) alongside of taking care of my own 3 year old. so that has been intersting. but I wouldn't change any of it. I would do anything for her.

this week I am looking forward to going to the hospital and delivering the newest member of our family. =) ya know what? let's just make a list of the things I am excited about this month.

  • Bringing E into this world.

  • Coming home with E, big brother, and hubby.

  • Having visits from friends and family to our apartment.

  • Getting myself and E into a nice routine.

  • Wearing NON maternity clothes - AMEN!

  • Fall Pampered Chef party with friends from church.

  • Halloween - my oldes will be a Giraffe and E will wear an adorable onesie with owls, and ghosties on it, alongised a bib that says "Too Cute To Spook". lol.

  • Carving pumpkings with my children and husband.

  • Breathing in the crisp Autumn air. nuff said.

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