Mariah Carey's Nursery

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So - in case you haven't seen pictures over the web, on television, or whatever...this is Mariah Carey (and Nick Cannon's) nursery. *smiles* They are pregnant with twins! I just adore this nursery - how beautiful! It is amazing what you can do with lots of money, huh?!?!? lol.


So I have sort of been 'off the radar' these past few weeks. For that, I apologize. Sincerely. R and I have been preparing our family vacation for this summer. I am super excited! (picture of destination(s) will be at the end of post.)

We have also been very busy with his business - and working on opening u p a third location in June or July. So yeah, super busy around here lately. R has been spending alot of time at work and that was honestly making it very hard on the boys and I. We finally had to sit down over the weekend and make a 'game plan'. We worked it out to where we will have family time each and every evening, no matter what. And R will still have time to hit the gym, eat dinner, and get things ready for next business day paperwork. *winks* I am glad we talked that out.

I also found out about something that happend a few years ago - in our lives. It completely devestated me. I couldn't believe. I didn't want to believe it. It is over now - I have forgave...and moved on. But I will never ever forget what happened. Have you ever felt like that? It is almost like when someone dies that is very close to you, and you just can't believe it. Ya know? Like that. I won't say what it was. It is no ones business. But, I just wanted to get that little piece off of my chest. Just simply for - if nothing else - the fact that I haven't 'felt' like doing pretty much of anything lately - let alone blog. Uggh. I love blogging, don't get me wrong. But when something tramatic happens in your life...believe me... blogging is the last thing you will be thinking about. Trust me.


Moving right along.

So we are all in a good place now - and I feel super happy about life!! *smiles* Today the boys and I are just lounging - I have been doing up laundry. It is dreary here today - we have had flood warnings out the past couple of days but today it has let up. R.A. has sinus trouble today and I am having some health issues myself - hoping to hear from my doc soon. Tomorrow I plan on relaxing and maybe take a walk at the park...if it is nice for a change. Friday, the boys and I are going to bake Easter sugar cookies, ice and decorate them. Then color some eggs. *smiles* We may just have our egg hunt on Saturday, since it is supposed to pour down the rain on Sunday. BOOOOO.



* & Daytona

* & Myrtle

**I just didn't feel like searching for pics for Daytona and Myrtle. lol.**

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  1. Now that nursery is a fairytale...how cool is that giraffe in the corner?!?!

    I adore Disney World...a truly magical place. Hubs and I try to get there once a year :) (Disney deserves the picture...you were spot on :))

    xx Cat brideblu