Jumperoo's, Candy Land, and Babies, OH MY!

: Hello World :

Sorry for the lack of updates lately. *lowers head in shame* Ha ha. I have been super busy and stressed lately. Thank the Lord, I am much better now. *smiles* That little situation with a close friend, well that is now officially over. So I don't have to stress about that everyday. I had to let her go. I spoke with a counselor at our church, and she thought it best that I do what I was going to do anyway. Which was 'part ways' as friends.

I feel so free. Like, I know that probably sounds weird and crazy. But I have had a burden of stress on my chest for weeks now over all of this. And I am just happy that it is all over, and that I can finally move one. God is good. *smiles*

So - - - anyway - - - it has been a busy little place around here lately. My husband has decided to go back to school to get his bachelors degree and then his MBA. I am so proud of him. His business is doing well, and we are staying super busy these days. Been going through alot of stuff lately - dealing with it together. Which is the way it should be. So - in preperation to staying sane...I have been loving on my kiddo's more than EVER.

: E.J. loves his new jumperoo!! :

: R.A. loves board games now - especially Candy Land!! :

: Can you believe my lil monkey is 6 months old ALREADY?!?!? :

All I know is - this life is short - super short - and I want to live every day as if it was my last. (hope I didn't sound to cliche. lol.) But that is how I truly feel. I love my family and friends...but God and family are at the TOP of my list these days. And I'm thinking I'm gonna keep it that way. *winks* I am loving life!! Gosh I love saying that!! Have you ever felt that way?

Oh - and I am super ecstatic to announce:



(No I'm not pregnant. HA!)




I am absolutely ecstatic and so is R.A. This will be his first vacation. Ever. Well, technically he was in my womb when we were there last. But - lets not count that one, ok? lol. We plan to tell him as soon as we are leaving. Literally. *smiles* He loves Disney and wants to go to Disney World. Every time he sees one of those commercials, he is like, "We go to Disney World mom? Please!??!?" lol. Gotta love him. *grins*

Yes, I am one of those moms. We will enter the gate and buy hats and tshirts and enjoy EVERY minute! We are going to stay in the park so that way, if the boys get tired, we won't have to worry about wasting money on tickets and having to leave early. *smiles*

AAH! I can't wait!

Happy 'hump' day every one! Have a wonderful Wednesday!

**Anyone going on a summer vacation this year? If so, where?**

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