busy busy busy

Happy Easter everyone! :)

I have many pics to update you all with - sometime. lol.

I just honestly haven't felt like doing much of anything today.

For this week really - I have had an infection for over a week and I'm still trying to kick it.

There was an incident in Sunday School this morning with my almost 4 year old. *sigh* I wish my kid was perfect, but he's not folks! Get over it. Uggh.

I was rushing getting Easter dinner made.

Kids were fussy this afternoon and I was tired. Luckily - we all got a nap of 2 hours!! *smiles*

Found out that I can't get an upgrade on my phone till 2012. Uggh. And mine is broke.

I at WAY too much cake and cookies today.

I feel like crying. Pretty much ALL the time.

I did enjoy, however, reading and playing with my boys today. *smiles* I love them so much!

It seems like all we ever do is work work work work.

I am drained. Stressed. SO ready for our summer vacation!

I never get to work out. But my husband does. Every day. For atleast 1 hour - if not 2 or 3.

I wish I had time to paint. Or scrapbook. Or something for MYSELF.

I barely have time to think anymore.

I never get to read either.

I need to 'reset' my life schedule. My priorities. Everything.

I always put my boys first. Always.

But I feel that I need to put God first. In the sense of praising and devotions in the morning.

To start my day off RIGHT.

I hate - absolutely HATE getting up before 6 AM. 6 - 730 is my usual wake up - due to the boys. But I feel the need is coming - to wake up at 530 or 6 - and start devotions, then do some walking outside OR some cardio/dance/situps/crunches. Something. I dunno.

*at this very moment my R.A. refuses to stay in bed. Making my evening so much harder than it should be. I have been trying to get him in bed since 745. It is now 906. Uggh.*

I am hoping when R is in school, and I have just E at home - it will make life a little easier. Probably not. But I can dream, can't I?

Have I mentioned that I CAN'T wait for our summer vacation?!?!? lol.

Okay - so I just needed to vent. But, I am just tired. And cranky lately. I feel like I run on fumes half the time. My husband is busier than a cat covering up poop and he seems to find the time to do EVERYTHING. What in the world, right? lol.

So - I plan on having a good week - no matter what. Going to start devotions tomorrow too - hoping that will help. Alot. *smiles*

Prayers would most definitely be appreciated!

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